We Leave At Midnight Debuts "Everyone Laughs At Their Own Mistakes"


SA pop quintet We Leave at Midnight - VIA FACEBOOK
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  • SA pop quintet We Leave at Midnight

Allow us to present the debut of We Leave at Midnight's "Everyone Laughs At Their Own Mistakes," a new cut from the San Anto outfit's forthcoming EP Terror Flora. Like previous tastes from the record, it's a rich bite of pop flavor, with singer/guitarist John Daly and crew leading the way through an insane number of rock 'n' roll styles.

It's a a curio of McCartney-loving, luxuriant music, with call-and-repeat melodies and jaw-wire tight playing. 
Daly's worked some alchemy by making so much music feel so light, cementing his status as one of the best arrangers in town. 

Out on hometown boosters Texas Is Funny, you can pick up Terror Flora on May 26. On June 12, We Leave at Midnight hosts an album release party at Hi=Tones, featuring Lonely Horse, Crown and The Bolos.