5 Shows To See This Week


Tony Romero - COURTESY
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  • Tony Romero

Monday, June 1
Spiders Jazz

Trumpeter Tony Romero and the Spiders Jazz band commandeer Sam’s weekly swing night with a bop session. $10, 7pm, Sam’s Burger Joint, 330 E Grayson St., (210) 223-2830

Sam Prekop - COURTESY
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  • Sam Prekop

Tuesday, June 2
Sam Prekop

With The Sea and the Cake, Chicago native Sam Prekop found a voice in indie rock. But as a solo artist, Prekop speaks through instrumental electronic work. His 2015 album The Republic varies from instrumental house to soft textures of personal care. With My Empty Phantom, Xes Xes. $8, 9pm, 502 Bar, 502 Embassy Oaks, (210) 257-8125

Discourse - COURTESY
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  • Discourse

Wednesday, June 3

With Insanity Decays, Discourse is on track for their third release of unabated, South Carolina thrash. With Blistered, Vulgar Display, SpiritedXAway, Bloodhound. $8-$10, 7pm, The Korova, 107 E Martin St., (210) 226-5070

The Lonesome Heroes - COURTESY
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Wednesday, June 3
The Lonesome Heroes

On “Western Style Saloons,” The Lonesome Heroes sum up their Americana wanderlust: “I need a Western-facing highway and a town to start all over again.” For this Austin crew, the East holds promise, too, with a 2013 feature on ABC’s Nashville. Free, 6:30pm, Alamo Icehouse, 802 N Alamo St., (210) 758-5151

This Frontier Needs Heroes - COURTESY
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Wednesday, June 3
This Frontier Needs Heroes

Brother and sister duo Brad and Jessica Lauretti lead This Frontier Needs Heroes, a folk quintet based in Brooklyn. Despite their compact city locale, the band creates deep and slowly-developing material, with the Lauretti’s male/female harmonies leading the way. 9pm, 502 Bar, 502 Embassy Oaks, (210) 257-8125