SA Rapper Sono Releases New Song 'So Gone'


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Produced by PurpDogg, the hip-hop mastermind behind the Drake/Soulja Boy collaboration "We Made It," Sono's new single "So Gone" off his new project Let Me Live is rock-solid.

Starting off with delicate ambiance that perseveres throughout the whole song, Sono juxtaposes the gauzy with classic go-hard beats. The hook is performed by layers of Sono's vocals, a mixture of his post-production deepened voice with his normal voice. Between Sono's immaculate spitting and the mint  production value, there lies passionate lyrics about wanderlust. "They throwin' shade, cuz they love to hate," raps Sono, aware of dog-eat-dog politics infested in both the real world and the music scene. 

As a conscious and ambitious rapper, Sono pairs the expanding craft with a worthy cause. "Nu Age," his forthcoming label and nonprofit organization, will showcase SA artists of all mediums to help underprivileged youth in SA with inspiration and opportunities to be creative.