Femina-X Travels To Colombia For 'INKA' Video


Daniela Riojas of Femina-X in Columbia - VIA FACEBOOK
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  • Daniela Riojas of Femina-X in Columbia

Whenever you tune into a Femina-X cut, it's clear that the band is steeped in a heady, spiritual feel. Most of the time, it's hard to parse out what sort of altar the ethereal pop quartet worships at, only that the movement involves the deep and healing power of music. But the video for "INKA" helps put us in the right neighborhood in the psychosphere.

Filmed in Colombia, Daniella Riojas sings in front of a Planet Earth-worthy landscape — the lush, untapped basin of the Putumayo Andes. Over hypnotic textures and a rippin' polyrhthym, invites us to "forget your flesh and enter Asperatus," a paradise world of brilliant electronic music and devotion to the sun.