San Antonio's Ellis Redon Featured On Sirius XMU


San Antonio dream-popper Ellis Redon - LIBBY DEL BARRIO
  • Libby Del Barrio
  • San Antonio dream-popper Ellis Redon

Sirius XMU, the indie rock channel on satellite radio, has San Antonio standout Ellis Redon on light rotation, maybe the first SA musician not named Augie, Doug or Nina to be featured on the medium. On the XMU show Blog Radio, in which notable music nerds take over the programming, played two cuts from Redon: "Tropically I" and "O Venus."

For those interested in the insider baseball of independent music, that's Carles from Hipster Runoff. For those who aren't interested, good on you for spending your time on more productive ventures.

Available on SoundCloud, Redon's dreamy material is dripped in reverb like gravy to a Tex-Mex enchilada — essential to the form and liberally applied.