San Antonio Music Awards Showcase: Electronic at La Botanica


Delenda, performing at La Botanica's showcase at 11pm - FACEBOOK
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  • Delenda, performing at La Botanica's showcase at 11pm

For the San Antonio Music Awards Showcase at La Botanica, the electronic artists at-hand trade out their usual leafy greens with the restaurant's more balanced, plant-based menu. Under the red neon light of the patio, producer Xy!o begins the evening at 10 p.m. Describing his music as "Dilladub," Xy!o's material on the First Caste label combines smart house work with the incredible dynamic sense and warm textures of J Dilla. 

At 11pm, Delenda takes over with an enthralling indie-pop performance. Guided by a synth track perfected at home, Delenda puts weight on the crowd's feeling. Wandering around offstage, she gets in the face of audience members to invoke a spectrum of emotion, from embarrassment to inspiration. 

Ellis Redon and his keyboard crew take over at midnight, playing the stuff from Redon's 2015 debut Into the Jungle. Featured on Sirius XMU, Redon's work mines out the warm, dark tones of the Casio keyboard. Rounding out the night at 1am, Moze Pray closes with minimalist dance goodies.