San Antonio Music Awards Showcase: Punk At Paper Tiger


FEA performs at Midnight - RAY TATTOOEDBOY
  • Ray Tattooedboy
  • FEA performs at Midnight

Style your neon Manic Panic hair into meticulous liberty spikes and pierce your nose with a ice pick, because the Paper Tiger is hosting the Punk Stage for the San Antonio Music Awards Showcase

Tentacles will take (destroy?) the stage at 10 p.m. with their chaotic, unintelligible, but completely moshable jams of pure noise, growls and brain-exploding screams that every punk will relish like their first Black Flag experience. 

Filling up the 11 p.m. time slot is Amygdala, a female-fronted band that rivals any of the '90s riot grrrl groups, while still keeping the message of equality and anti-misogyny. 

Like the crown jewel of SA's thriving- and thrashing- punk scene, FEA, who've just won the coveted SA Music Award for Best Punk Band, will conquer the Paper Tiger at midnight with their Chicana-infused, zine-inspiring, riot-inducing rock. 

Closer to the Witching Hour, at 1 a.m. The Semi-Automatics  will wake the drowsy with thrashing, classic punk that seems more out of the UK instead of SA.

With San Antonio Music Awards critic's pick Computer Jesus Refrigerator and Yonatan Gat of Israel garage rockers Monotonix.