The Mix to Change Ownership on October 16


Saturday night - VIA FACEBOOK
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  • Saturday night

The Mix, the North St. Mary's mainstay (and the only bar I know of with designated makeout couches), will change ownership on Friday, October 16. One of the oldest bars in operation on the street, owner Daniel Clift will hand the reins over to the new proprietors, who wished to remain anonymous.

"Everything’s gonna remain the same," said the new owners. "Staff will remain the same. The place will remain open without any kind of detail." 

Shows booked at the always-free venue before the changing of hands will remain on the calendar. Jorge Gonzalez, drummer for Pop Pistol and Nina Diaz, will come on to manage the new calendar and ensure a smooth transition.

"In terms of focus music-wise, the main focus for live music will be honing in on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and promoting those days of the week," said the new owners. "Philosophically, The Mix is gonna stay The Mix. The people who work there are gonna stay there. We want to keep the landmark institution alive."

This weekend marks the final few days of The Mix's current ownership. Tonight, Ruby the Hatchet, Over the Top and DJ Smoak will perform. On Wednesday, Propaganda hosts a weekly night featuring DJ Ely Bat. On Thursday, Vinyl Richie spins at 10 p.m. On Friday, ska-punks The Lost Project perform. On Saturday night, Yoshimoto and Maneaters of Tsavo play the weekend kiss-off.

If you're looking to lament or celebrate the occasion, now's the time.