Naughty by Nature Coming to SA for 25th Anniversary


Naughty huddle - COURTESY
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For their twenty-fifth anniversary tour, New Jersey's Naughty by Nature, originally hyped and signed by Queen Latifah, will play the Paper Tiger on February 5th. Armed with harmony and known best for tracks "O.P.P." "Hip Hop Hooray" and "Feel Me Flow," M.C.s Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee are considered the original architects of the Hip Hop anthem. 

Although Treach announced to fans in 2013 that Vin Rock had been fired from the group for not giving as much to each performance as Kay Gee and himself, it seems they have now put aside their differences in time to bring their party jamz to the Alamo City like it's Nineteen Naughty again, and make a little skrilla in the process.