Symphony's Lang-Lessing to Set Soundtrack to 28 Chinese


Sebastian motherfuckin' Lang motherfuckin'-Lessing!!!! - COURTESY
  • Courtesy
  • Sebastian motherfuckin' Lang motherfuckin'-Lessing!!!!

The San Antonio Museum of Art has a show right now called 28 Chinese which is a collection of art from twenty-eight Chinese people (you guessed it) taking place in six galleries. You may have heard of it.


Sebastian Lang-Lessing, our very own San Antonio Symphony conductor, went to see this art show that featured art, including video (movies, like with Will Smith or like "Back to the Future"), photography (like in picture books or a movie on 'pause') and sculptures (rocks, cheese, other weird shit), and was so stoked on it that he just had to ask the SAMA people if he could have symphony members play in the rooms with the art in them.


The instruments that will be in the art rooms (galleries) include: horse whip, candelabra, a Mariachi Vargas compact disc, a book on Sinatra by James Kaplan (large print), a fork and can of corn (one instrument) and an iPod which has only "Mother" by Danzig on it. Just kidding. The real instruments are: cello, viola, clarinet, harp, marimba, and upright bass, but they could have been the ones I listed because it's art.

Here's Lang-Lessing, the man. “I associate music with what I see. I wanted to share the experience of walking through the 28 Chinese exhibition and make my inner ear audible for everybody,” said Lang-Lessing.

Sounds cool enough, if you're into art.

Here's the deets: 
The program is called "Art of Music." Yup.
The date is Saturday, November 7. SATURDAY!
The time is 6 in the evening to 8 in the evening.
Tickets are $20 for students, $30 for members and $50 for non-member schmucks.

To buy tickets go to, or just walk up to the door and say, "Hi. I would like to buy tickets to see the 'Art of Music' exhibit, please."

Dig it:

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