Piñata Protest Gets Love From Mitú


Los hijos de Piñata - COURTESY
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  • Los hijos de Piñata

Mitú, a media team that is "reshaping the Latino media landscape, how consumers are reached and how brands connect with the Latino Mobile Generation," has released a short documentary introducing its viewers to San Antonio's mojado punks Piñata Protest.

In essence, the "global launch pad and home to the largest group of Latino content creators and social influencers," creates, releases and promotes the growing presence of Latin@s, especially in the US, and their experiences. This essentially means that mitú is responsible for the dissemination of recent videos such as cholos trying vegan food or articles on why Sábado Gigante was taken off the air after 53 years, or how even J. Lo's style from 10 years ago looks all bunk now. Basically, repping Latin culture across social media, especially as the landscape of Latin-American culture, and thus American culture, changes everyday. 

Here's their piece on Piñata, making us all proud and chit:
Norteño Punks

A bunch of dudes from Texas decided to mix norteño with punk rock...and it's AMAZING.

Posted by We are mitú on Thursday, November 5, 2015