SA's Pink Leche and Xy!o to Release 'House of Relaxation' Joint EP



On Friday, November 20, self-proclaimed queer bass artist Pink Leche and electronica mastermind Xy!o will throw a party to celebrate the release of their first collaboration House of Relaxation. 

As one of the premier musicians that identifies with the LGBTQ movement, Pink Leche reps the color pink like no other. As one of the select local performers at 2015's Maverick Music Fest and Out in SA darling, Pink Leche's charisma and  high-energy stage presence -complete with rolls upon rolls of pink streamers- makes him a pop of color in a world of gray. 

Of the First Caste Records family, Xy!o's atmospheric, electronic daydreams will lull you into a trance-like dance, just like how a siren's song seduces sailors at sea to their death.

As a collection of playing off of each other's musical strengths, Pink Leche and Xy!o's joint effort House of Relaxation could be the San Antone release of the year, and perhaps, the best work the pair's put out. 

With aLr & the Boosh Kids 10pm, Bottom Bracket Social Club, 603 N Colorado St, (210) 267-9160