Tool and Primus are Coming to San Antonio


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  • The Tool

Tool, the band that helped launch Maynard James Keenan's true calling – wine – will be headlining a 2016 tour along with 3Teeth and noodle-brained psychonauts Primus at the AT&T Center on Wednesday, January 13. Tickets for the event go on sale this Friday at,, or can be purchased at the AT&T Center box office.

Tool, known for their use of artist Alex Grey's anatomical, pyschotropic imagery, anti-jock-fascist politics – at a time when bands were still slinging around epithets, such as "faggot" and "gay," like they were guitar picks – and ability to orchestrate syncopated time signatures that even the most stoned, braindead or rhythmically challenged listener could bang to, have long been a San Anto favorite.

Joining them will be the sailors of the seas of cheese, Primus. The thinking man's jam band, Primus marry funk, metal and spastic space rock into a freaky stew of grooves. Probably most well known for penning the theme song to South Park, Primus' bassist Les Claypool, guitarist Larry "Ler" LaLonde and drummer Tim "Herb" Alexander will set the stage, which is sure to be packed with Cirque-de-Soleil-on-acid tapestries, oddities and trippiness.