Free Afro-Uruguayan Drum Show This Sunday


A parade of Candombe performers in Uruguay - CANDOMBE.INFO
  • A parade of Candombe performers in Uruguay

You are invited to witness the syncopated groovi-tude, which is groove with an attitude, obviously, of Afro-Uruguayan drum group Candombe Houston as they rattle downtown San Antonio this Sunday. Candombe is an Uruguayan dance and music that originated amongst the African slave population of Uruguay. One elementary rhythmic principle of Candombe is the clave, in 3/2 meter, which is played on the side of the drum and referred to as hacer madera, or "making wood," hey-oh!  The ensemble, which consists of three marching drums: piano, chico and repique, will begin at Alamo Plaza at 10am, snake through the fabulous Riverwalk and end their flash conga line on N. St. Mary's St. as the sun goes down.

The event is free and open to anyone that wants to put a little bounce in their boots and pep in their step.