Business Owners Collaborate with Locals on St. Mary's Strip Revitalization


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  • Revelers on The Strip

Blayne Tucker, a local attorney and the man behind, the Maverick Music Festival and soon-to-be-renovated-bar The Mix, has recently gathered bar-owners, city council members and Tobin Hill citizens in an effort to ease the growing pains of the popular nighttime destination.

The Strip, as it's known to most, was a mecca of nightlife in the '80s and '90s but due to violence and deteriorating relations with local homeowners and tenants, saw a decline in patronage. However, Tucker and owners of Faust Tavern, Hi-Tones, Phantom Room and Paper Tiger have met with the Tobin Hill Community Association (THCA) to iron out the most profitable, safe and advantageous relationship for all involved.

The good news is, it appears that the neighborhood is happy to have a dialogue with the entrepreneurs. President Martin Kushner of the THCA had this to say about the relationship in a letter to Tucker:

“The THCA Board would like to thank you, and your fellow business owners, for your recent outreach efforts that have opened a dialogue with the Tobin Hill community ... As a mixed-use neighborhood, we realize businesses and residents need to communicate and work together to improve our neighborhood.”

Hopefully, with an improving rapport and a safer and more secure environment for homeowners and bar-hoppers alike, The Strip can be restored to its position as one of the country's best stretches of live music and nightlife.