The Last Bring Your Own Vinyl Night is Tonight


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Hi-Tones has hosted the weekly showcasing of not only one DJs choice vinyl, but the best records of numerous San Antonian audiophiles for four years now. The democratized DJ night known simply as BYOV, or bring your own vinyl, hosted by DJ Adolf will come to completion tonight. Held every Wednesday, the evening has always been as good as the records that folks bring in to spin themselves. The weekly record showcase joins DJ Smarty Pants' Voodoo Vinyl night at The Mix in retiring at the end of 2015.

So, for those that don't have plans yet for New Year's Eve eve, even if you don't wanna chance the damaging of your rare soul 45s or your fourth copy of John Denver's Greatest Hits, get on down to the bar at Dewey, N. St. Mary's and Josephine for a sonic send-off and tell Adolf that I sent you. Here it is, for the final time: 

Revel with friendly vinyl-heads over the best wax in your collection, or slam pickle shots in the corner and seethe over that one dude with an original run of In an Aeroplane Over the Sea.