Big Freedia Bounces Her Way to the Paper Tiger New Year's Day


Big Freedia - KOURY ANGELO
  • Koury Angelo
  • Big Freedia
Bringing bounce - a hyper-speed, dirty dancin' New Orleans style of hip-hop created in the '80s - to the mainstream. The Guinness World Record setter for "Most People Twerking Simultaneously," Big Freedia rightfully earned her title as the Queen of Bounce.

After dropping her well-received LP Just Be Free in 2014, Big Freedia even had notoriously hard-ass Pitchfork media swooning. Preferred to be addressed as "she," Freedia is proud to be labeled as an openly gay rapper, especially in an improving climate where the homophobic ice caps in rap are melting away.

Between collaborating with original "Supermodel (Of the World)" RuPaul ("Peanut Butter") and reluctant popstar Sia ("Eye of the Needle”), Big Freedia can also put reality star as one of her lifetime achievements. Her award-winning Fuse TV show, Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, documents her life on the road, rightfully giving the zero-talent Kardashian Klan a bad name (like Karcrashian).

Although twerking was made famous - not invented- by Miley Cyrus, Big Freedia's OG booty is in all the right places as she twerks her way into your heart (and your pants).

The show is New Year's Day, so, if you want to check "Start 2016 with the Bounce Queen" off of your resolution list, or just begin your 2016 workout regimen, get to Paper Tiger. $20, 8pm, Paper Tiger, 2410 N. Saint Mary's St. 

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