Explosions in the Sky Announce New Record and Tour Dates


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Unfortunately, the primarily instrumental quintet has not announced any San Antonio shows, but they have stated that they will be releasing "many, many, many more dates" in the coming months. This news comes on the heels of the groups' announcement earlier in the month that they will be releasing their seventh non-soundtrack full-length LP, The Wilderness, on April 1.

The Texas band that majestically conjoin the ambience and whimsical emotion of Sigur Ros with the crushing heaviness of Canada's Godspeed You! Black Emperor originally made headway appearing on the soundtrack to Friday Night Lights, a film highlighting the cult of football that permeates Texas life. However, since then they have gone on to release six highly-praised instrumental records of sigh-heavy, vocal-less "cathartic mini-symphonies," weaving back and forth between joy and melancholy without uttering a syllable. 

The group, now a five-piece for most of their shows, has put together a Pandora playlist for fans that consists of tunes they listen to on the road as well as at home in Austin.

Below is the first single from the forthcoming LP.