Deftones Announce New Album Name and Release Clip From the Record


"What's in a name?" - COURTESY
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  • "What's in a name?"
San Antonio loves them some metal, so the headbanger community's collective excitement that Deftones will be performing here March 19 at the Lone Star Brewery grounds came as no surprise. 

The band's studio album number eight will be titled *drumroll* Gore. They have recently released a short clip of the first single via, which can be found below. Although the album's name is very different than, say, Saturday Night Wrist or Around the Fur, Gore's minimalism and simplicity is intriguing. Produced again by Slayer mastermind Matt Hyde and reportedly inspired by Morrissey, another SA favorite, Gore's groomed to be familiar to Deftones fans while adding a whole new layer of vague disenchantment.