Watch: San Antonio Artists' 2016 NPR Tiny Desk Contest Submissions


The Foreign Arm - VIA YOUTUBE
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  • The Foreign Arm

Here are just some of the eclectic offerings of a handful of SA's talented musicians submitted to NPR in their, now annual, contest to find the next "unknown" performer. The winner wins the coveted opportunity to appear on their much-loved Tiny Desk Concert series. Tight competition here.

"Plate Tectonic"

There has been a noticeable void in the San Antonio music scene lately. Saakred, the visual, aural, sexual artist that in the two year's on the scene has raced to the top of the music community's favorites list, has been away in Ireland working on over 30 new songs. In a press release last week, Saakred speaks to the themes of "Plate Tectonic." "Influenced by the surge of the Atlantic, 'Plate Tectonic' tells the story of a long lost love taken by the Sea."

Nothing Chief

Just one of the slew of musical ventures of former Lonely Horse duo Travis Hild and Nick Long (keep your eyes and ears peeled for The Red Legs), Nothing Chief is Long's vehicle for his softer side. "Tangerine," though nothing like the raucous drum-circle-pit of Lonely Horse, shows Long's gift for melody and emotion-filled performance.

Calico Club
"Nighttime Roller Disco"

Drawing from the depression-dance stylings of Johnny Jewel (Chromatics, Glass Candy) and his hearse-bumping, disco for the downtrodden, Calico Club's PleasureFaces and GALACTICAT bump that shit that is bouncy and sad enough to keep you dancing, even after the drugs have worn off. 

"Fire Me Up"

Simply put, you'd be hard-pressed to find a band with as many adept musicians and a singer with a voice as smooth and acrobatic as fishermen's Edwin J. Stephens (whose Facebook background is him with Dr. Cornel Motherfucking West!!! Just saying).

The Foreign Arm
"We're Growing"

It's so nice to see twentyish-somethings embracing R&B as well as the folk instrumentation exhibited in The Foreign Arm's "We're Growing" submission, which includes several of San Antonio's musical movers and shakers. See if you can spot them.

Fantastic Negrito
"Lost in a Crowd"

This last page is not a San Anto submission but is, in fact, last year's winner, included so you can see how our city's entries stack up against last year's victor. Do we have a shot? Leave your choice in the comments section.