Drake Releases a Cover of ... Nico? Here's the Finished Version


Mr. Drizzle - COURTESY
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With the next record from the Toronto hit maker, born Aubrey Drake Graham, rumored to be released in April, anything from Drake is bound to create a buzz. A recent cover of the Jackson Browne penned/Nico owned "These Days" being no exception. 

The track, which most may recognize from Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums, was released by a D.C. musician name Babeo Baggins of Barf Troop, a hip-hop collective to which the artist belongs. Originally recorded for an EP of covers entitled Love Songs for Tough Guys – a fascinating title ... but not really – scheduled for release in May, a version leaked, prompting Baggins to release the official track this week. 

Here's a quote from the D.C. rapper in regards to the genesis of the tune and her collab with Drizzy.

"Drake is a friend of mine. 'These Days' is my favorite song in the world and I showed him the song because he had never heard it. He connected with it, which explains us doing the cover."

Simple enough. Here's the final, finished version with several extemporaneous verses, for the kids.