"BasedGod" Lil B's Curse on Thunder's Kevin Durant Lives On


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BasedGod Lil B is now a BasedWarlock.

After a five year feud with the Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant, Lil B's  simmering cauldron has unleashed its wrath yet again. This time, the hex has caused the Thunder to lose Game 7 of the NBA Conference Finals to the Golden State Warriors. 

What caused the rapper/motivational speaker to curse basketball star Kevin Durant? He simply Tweeted that Lil B was "wack." As a BasedGod, Twitter is written scripture for Lil B and his followers, so it's pretty obvious KD had a death wish.

For those unenlightened, Lil B is a Bay Area rapper with a discography spanning well over 50 mixtapes, collabs and one studio album. With a quick trip to Urban Dictionary, "based" refers to his positive outlook - along with a endless supply of "hoes," "money" and "swag." 

Watch Lil B's epic 2014 diss below.