Cheating Death: Catch the Resurrection of Lonely Horse This Weekend


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Guitarist Nick Long and drummer Travis Hild of the San Antonio blues/rock duo Lonely Horse have been through a lot over the past year — good and bad.

On one hand, the band saw plenty of attention after their win at the Afropunk Battle of the Bands in 2014. But the project ultimately folded after a bitter contract dispute with their label last year. They even billed a series of shows at Hi-Tones last December as their "farewell residency."

All of which was disappointing for fans who felt like Lonely Horse was on the cusp of doing something big. Still, Long and Hild stayed active in the local music scene, jamming with acts like Tides, the Bolos and the Bottomfeeders. 

But for Long and Hild, Lonely Horse felt like unfinished business. Luckily for fans, the band's "farewell" turned into a mere hiatus when, earlier this year, they managed to get out of their label's contract.

Lonely Ho