Wayne Holtz Now Has a Podcast


  • https://www.facebook.com/TheWayneHoltzPodcast/

The illustrious, self-proclaimed pop star named Wayne Holtz has had a particularly busy year. From performing his synthy and sort-of-provocative pop set around town to photographing and promoting San Antonio bands, Holtz doesn’t do slow. And with a brand new podcast ready for your ears, we step even further into Wayne's reign.

The eponymous podcast is entrancing, almost like alternative guided meditation led by Holtz's soothing deep bass. “I just wanted to delve into another thing that I’m passionate about,” the singer tells us, saying he wants the podcast to project positivity through humor and discussions of sex, love and music. For his first episode, Holtz interviewed Jennifer “Nakomis” Dedmon from CBS’s Big Brother, who happens to reside in San Antonio.

Adding to the appeal and honesty of the show is Holtz's interviewing style, which is nothing more or less than him being his naturally charming self. Hilarious and punctuated by discussions on pop culture, television and celebrities, The Wayne Holtz Podcast is definitely worth a listen — if not for anything but a few lols and a glimpse into the weird and strangely fascinating World of Wayne.