Sound on Sound Fest Spillover is Bringing Ariel Pink to San Antonio


Just one day after Ariel Pink announced his new album Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, which is set to release September 15, Margin Walker delivered some equally exciting news: Ariel Pink will play at the Paper Tiger this November.

You can thank Sound on Sound Fest spillover for bringing the one-man band to San Antonio, whose expansive discography includes dreamy tracks like "Life in L.A." off Worn Copy, to the experimental sounds of Thrash & Burn, to the poppy sounds of Pink's most recent album, pom pom, and of course, a fan favorite, Before Today (technically Ariel Pink's haunted Graffiti, but still a classic).

Tickets for the Nov. 10 show are $21.75 and can be purchased here. The last time Pink rolled through Texas, I missed the show due to some very unreliable friends, so you can guarantee that I'll be there. There's a good chance that tickets will go fast, so don't sleep on these.