The Pearl Launches New Music Programming "Canciones"


  • Josh Huskin

It seems that, what with tricentennial fever in the air and all, folks have been possessed by a renewed zest for knowing, understanding, and celebrating the artists, and doers of all types, who laid the spiritual groundwork (if you will) for our city’s singular soul.

This type of joyous bringing-to-light-of-history is, no doubt, what the organizers of The Pearl’s “Canciones” had in mind. A new summer concert series hosted at Pearl Park, “Canciones” is about showcasing local (SA and South Texas) voices and celebrating bygone talents at the same time, all in a relaxed, traditional Texas song pull style.

This weekend’s event will feature Tish Hinojosa, Rosie Flores, Nina Diaz (of Girl in a Coma), Mike Ryan, and David Rodriguez, all performing and telling stories about songs that have helped shape the musical landscape of San Antonio.

Friday, July 28, Free, 5:30pm-8:30pm, Pearl Park at The Historic Pearl, 200 E. Grayson St,