Weedeater to Tear up the Korova


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If you’re not familiar with the rock ‘n’ roll sub-genre “stoner rock,” it’s basically slower and heavier rock that incorporates elements of heavy metal, doom metal, psychedelic rock and acid rock.

Weedeater is sort of a great introduction to the genre if you wanted to just dive right in and soak up all the THC-fueled distortion. Formed in 1998, the Wilmington North Carolina three-piece sound like what might be playing at a swamp party, witch-meetup.

It’s slow, dark and a dash sinister. If you smoke weed, definitely listen to these dudes high.

Tuesday, August 15, WithTelekinetic Yeti, Cursus and more, $12-$15, 8pm, The Korova 107 E. Martin St., thekorova.com