The Casualties Make Their Way to the Korova


  • Jaka Curlic
It’s a legendary punk rock week y’all. With Social Distortion gracing the Aztec on Saturday and The Casualties slated to tear up The Korova Sunday night, it’s pretty clear a season of punk rock is upon us. And actually, Remember The Punks, a punk rock fest started last year by Korova co-owner Angel Castorena, will be returning in just a few months for Remember The Punks 2 with The Adicts as headliners.

Casualties frontman George Herrera dealt with a fluctuating lineup ‘til the mid ’90s. Since then, the street punks have been touring incessantly, repping the music’s past for anyone to hear. As Current contributor Shannon Sweet puts it “consider how much hair goop and neon dye it’d take to maintain an old school Day-Glo mohawk for 24 years and only then does the commitment of the Casualties come into its full glory.”

Sunday, September 3, $5, 7:30pm, The Korova, 107 E. Martin St.,