Selena Is Finally Getting A Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame


San Antonio has always known Selena (RIP) to be a star, but it turns out the rest of the world is finally sharing our sentiment. Or at least is.
The Internet began buzzing with talk yesterday that Selena is indeed finally getting a star on the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles after the news was announced in 2016. Twenty-two years after her tragic death, the Tejano queen's legacy is still strong and finally being recognized in a major way by the entertainment industry.

This will be the 2,622nd star to be inducted into the Walk of Fame, and we're surprised this hasn't happened earlier. Think about it. Selena dominated in a male-driven industry and was already making major waves at the time of her death, at only 23 years old. She was breaking into the English-speaking music charts. Oh, and she was the first Tejano artist to win a Grammy. A GRAMMY!

Word just came out that the ceremony will take place on November 3. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is even recognizing the date as "Selena Day" in the city.

Seems like our own Mayor Ron Nirenberg needs to come through with the same proclamation or else we'll lose our reputation as the city with the biggest love for Selena (maybe only after Corpus Christi).