San Francisco Producer Giraffage Will Play Paper Tiger on Tuesday


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San Francisco-based producer Charlie Yin, recording and performing under the pretty fucking rad name Giraffage, crafts intricate synth-pop that fuses elements of R&B, ambient, and electronic experimentation together in consistently fresh ways.

With a few woozy and hypnagogic EPs and mixtapes out since his debut in 2011, Yin just dropped the first Giraffage LP, Too Real, back in October. The album, which you can check out along with Yin’s other work at, is a patient and shimmering set of futuristic songs for souls in love with life but drawn forth by the tantalizing call of death.

At moments, Too Real bumps pretty hard for such a generally laid back experience, but overall the music puts you in a headspace for contemplation or, if you’re lucky, love. Giraffage will be supported on this bill by fellow producers of chill electronica Sweater Beats and Wingtip.

$15-$18, 8pm, Paper Tiger, 2410 N. St. Mary’s St.,