Prepare for One of Austin's Best Metalcore Acts at Bonds 007


  • Atomsplitter

Listed on their Facebook as “politically charged, pissed off hardcore” Austin’s Insvrgence are definitely one of the better metalcore acts residing in the 5-1-2. After seeing them open for Solidstate Records veterans Zao and Living Sacrifice a few weeks ago, it was clear that these dudes know how to, you know, bring the mosh.

The five-piece have that tried and true traditional metalcore sound that made bands Throwdown, Hatebreed and Sworn Enemy popular in the late ’90s and early 2000s, so if you dig a good breakdown every now and again, these folks will definitely serve a few up.

$7, Friday December 29, 6pm, Bonds 007, 450 Soledad St., (210) 225-0007,