Paper Tiger's Heatwave Announces First Round of Artists


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Linked by the heartbeat of the I-35 corridor, Austin and San Antonio’s music scenes have been connected for decades. "Spillover" from fests like South By Southwest, as it's grown over the years, are common as bands with official and unofficial showcases at the festival trek an hour and change south to rip in the Alamo City.

Ryan Brummett, the talent buyer and operations manager for St. Mary’s St. venue Paper Tiger and head honcho at Mondo Nation, has been bringing artists who usually play SXSW down to San Antonio. Brummett is the mastermind behind the Heatwave showcase, where well-known indie and punk bands like Protomartyr, Chastity Belt and Downtowners headlined in years past.

This March, Heatwave will span seven days and feature numerous performers (majority of which have official SXSW showcases this year), including the emotional synth pop of Night Drive, skate-punkers Dwarves, indie rockers BRONCHO, vintage pop outfit U.S. Girls, post punk groups Shopping and French Vanilla, as well as the avant garde punk rock of Ed Schraeder’s Music Beat, to name a few. The first round of artists are listed below, though Brummett said the full lineup will be announced sometime this week.

"Our whole goal is to make it that people don’t really need to go to Austin," Brummett told the Current. "We’re gonna bring all the bands to Paper Tiger and people can buy one ticket and just go everyday."

Brummett explained that show-goers can either buy one week long pass for $50, or buy individual day passes which will vary in price ($10-$17), which is actually a pretty decent deal.

Also, this year’s SXSW lineup isn’t filled with heavy-hitters like in the past. It’s actually filled to the brim (get it? 'cause "spillover") with a ton of up-and-coming artists and bands in the industry, which is actually pretty cool. But if you’re trying to see At The Drive In or Erykah Badu like last year, you might be disappointed.

If you’re trying to discover new music that’s getting national acclaim, and do it in the comfort of your own city, spillover shows like Heatwave might be the way to go this year.

Here's the flyer with the first round up of artists:


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