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Dead Meadow Blossoms with Set at Vintage Furniture Store


  • Sanford Nowlin
“This is the first antique furniture store we’ve ever played,” Dead Meadow guitarist-vocalist Jason Simon told the crowd of 100 fans watching its Tuesday night set at Period Modern, a Mid-Century furniture store that hosts occasional indie rock shows. “It’s beautiful though.”

The same could be said for the set that followed.

With the supersaturated color of a computerized light show strobing across the shop’s modular teak furniture and Jetsons-esque light fixtures, the veteran act blazed through a set of syrup-heavy psychedelia that evoked the best of the ‘60s freak scene and Robin Trower’s ‘70s proto-metal power trio.

Simon’s guitar was the star, alternating between swirling, wah-driven solos and the lush minor chords underlying his vocals. Not surprisingly, the songs often stretched out to give him extended showcases. However, the propulsive drumming of newish member Juan Londono never let the band mire down in self-indulgence.

By the time Dead Meadow trotted out the fuzz-drenched "Sleepy Silver Door" from its 2000  album as a closer, the crowd was out of the assembled couches and chairs, pushing to the front. Clearly pleased by the welcome, Simon and crew offered up a pair of impromptu encores buoyed by his sweeping solos and Steve Kille’s fluid bass.

Local outfit True Indigo served up an inspired opening set, tempering their psychedelia with British Invasion hooks, a rock-solid backbeat and occasional twangs of surf guitar.

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