San Antonio's Ada Vox Is Now In the Top 14 on American Idol


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Dear Ada Vox,

Please return our wigs because you've thoroughly snatched them off our heads and we remain gagged and wig-less from your performances.

Quick recap: Known out of drag as Adam Sanders, Ada Vox (whom we recently interviewed), auditioned for American Idol, got on the show, and made it through the grueling rounds of performances during the notoriously intense Hollywood Week. A few weeks ago, she destroyed her cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” and left us completely gagged. On Sunday night, Ada Vox sang an incredibly powerful rendition of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone, which brought judge Katy Perry to her knees.

Last night, the South San High grad sang a duet with Glee’s Lea Michele as part of the top 24 duets portion of the contest.

And, in the words of judge Luke Bryan, she “brought the house down” yet again.
“This talent is out of control!” Lea Michele says to Ryan Seacrest after singing “Defying Gravity” from Wicked with SA's singing drag queen.

“But the two of you – how did you guide [Ada] to get to that,” asks Seacrest.

“I didn’t have to do anything,” says Michele. “I mean, it’s just been so great – this voice is out of control and getting to sing with someone of the vocal caliber was a real honor and it was so fun to get to sing together.”

Judge Lionel Richie, who’s been very vocal and expressive of his fandom for Ada Vox, jumped right in to comment on the duet: “Every time I think I’ve figured out ‘ok Ada’s gonna be here,’ Ada goes through the ozone. Let me just tell you something, a star is born, OK? I’m gonna tell you, no kidding, there’s no denying your presence, there’s no denying your voice. You are a statement. I applaud you.”

“This is like a festival I would buy a ticket for,” judge Katy Perry chimes in. “I’m having the most fun, and I’m ready to shake it all the time. Your sound transcends words, I wonder if you’ve got any extra notes inside there.”

“I do,” responds Ada Vox with a smile “You’ll see them at later shows, hopefully.”

“We’re so used to watching you do your R&B stuff,” says Luke Bryan “And then to do a Broadway-type song and then to be able to make it work like that, and then, like I said – I’ll always say it – you figure out a way to bring the house down, all the time.”

Vox’s performance ended up securing her a spot in the top 14. After the results were aired, the San Antonio native took to her Facebook page to express how hard she’s worked and to ask for continued support since it’s no longer up to the judges, but America's vote to decide now who will be the next American Idol:

Ada Vox and the other top 14 move on to compete for America’s vote on Sunday, April 29 at 7pm on ABC.

Keep slaying, Ada – we love you, girl.

San Antonio, you know what to do.

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