Deadbolt, the Scariest Band in the World, Lurks into San Antonio


San Diego's Deadbolt fuse twangy surf with morbid tales. - VIA DEADBOLT'S FACEBOOK PAGE
  • Via Deadbolt's Facebook page
  • San Diego's Deadbolt fuse twangy surf with morbid tales.
Calling yourself the "scariest band in the world" seems like a setup for ridicule, but San Diego's Deadbolt gets a pass because its horror is of the cheeky I-Married-a-Monster-from-Outer-Space variety.

The band, which plays S.A. Friday, has built a cult following in the U.S. and Europe by crafting odes to psychotic clowns, homicidal truck drivers and south-of-the-border danger. Its mix of reverb-drenched surf and rockabilly rumble provides an appropriately lowbrow backdrop for singer Harley Davidson's deadpan tales of terror.

Potentially adding to the chills, Deadbolt is known for whipping out power tools during live sets and showering audiences with sparks. So, there's also that for the admission price — and a solid lineup of local support including Bent Gents, Harvey McLaughlin and Sanchovics.

$7, Fri May 25, 8pm, Limelight, 2718 N. St. Mary's St, (210) 735-7775,
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