Homegrown Beats: San Antonio-Based Moze Pray’s A Whirling Hall of Knives Cuts with Sound


  • Courtesy of Moze Pray
San Antonio-based industrial act Moze Pray’s new EP A Whirling Hall of Knives is a showcase for electronic music that’s dark, gloomy and simultaneously entrancing.

A Whirling Hall of Knives is about a love-hate relationship with myself, a different persona brought to life,” said Libby Del Barrio, the solo musician behind Moze Pray. “While it’s all based around personal experiences in love, anxiety, loss and growth. These songs are pieces of me that I can only reveal through sound and melodies.”

We’re not sure whether that makes it appropriate or ironic the EP was released on Valentine’s Day. But it’s worth noting it came out via Somatic Records, the Austin indie whose roster includes fellow SA-based industrial artist Mutant.

The opening track, “Love You,” draws the listener into a dark forest of minimalist techno. Echoing vocals swirl around a throbbing synthetic bass line and add to the haunting atmosphere. Changing percussive elements enter and fade, driving the song forward and leaving the listener to guess where it goes next.

“For You,” the fourth song on the five-track release, is the undisputed standout. Its oscillating, herky-jerky synth lines and washed-out vocals float atop vintage electronic drumbeats. While the whole EP is reminiscent of ’80s industrial acts such Skinny Puppy, this piece in particular seems like it could originate from that time period.

A Whirling Hall of Knives is available at somaticaustin.bandcamp.com.

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