10 Pecan Pie Recipes You Should Definitely Try, Plus Two You Shouldn't 

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Pecan Pie: people really like it. It's the unofficial official state dessert of Texas. It's a classic Southern recipe so sacred that it should not be altered, but, thankfully, epicureans have laughed in the face of the pecan pie gods and come up with endless variations on the classic recipe. Some of them are an improvement, others are, well, questionable. Here are 10 pecan pie recipes for the Thanksgiving pastry chef who is in the mood to experiment, plus two recipes that were obviously the product of an evil mind. by Albert Salazar
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For those who believe pecan pie is a sacred cow best left alone, here is the classic recipe, courtesy of The Food Network. (foodnetwork.com)
Face it, you're going to have a slice of pumpkin pie and a slice of pecan. Since it's all going to end up in the same place anyway, why not combine them both. Here's a recipe for pumpkin pie with pecan praline topping from Homemade Decadance by Joy the Baker. (Wit & Vinegar)
Another holiday pie mash-up, courtesy of Bon Appétit. This time pecan pie and apple pie made sweet, sweet love and had a baby. (bonappetit.com)
Now, personally, I don't like pecan pie. When I published this confession, I was met with death threats and demands to go join ISIS in Mexico. I get it, I'm a terrible human being. If there is something I hate more in this world, it's pineapple (second only to coconut). So straight from my own personal hell is this recipe for pineapple pecan pie, obviously concocted by some demon spawn sent to torment me. I'm sure some people will enjoy it, although there can't possibly be anything worse ... (allrecipes.com)
... I spoke too soon. Hell is real and so is this recipe for coconut pecan turtle cream cheese pie, via Neighbor Food. (neighborfoodblog.com)
Pecan pie is as Southern as Paula Dean is racist, but God damn, she comes up with delicious recipes that go straight to my heart as cholesterol. Here's her recipe for Mystery Pecan Pie. The plot-twist, there's no butter in it. But there is a shit-ton of cream cheese. Thank you, Paula Deen. (foodnetwork.com)
After that guacamole with peas travesty, we really shouldn't allow The New York Times to touch foods that originate below the Mason-Dixon line, but you really can't mess up a chocolate pecan pie recipe, can you? (Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times)
How do you improve on something that's already perfect like chocolate pecan pie? Do what Honestly Yum did and top it with maple bourbon whipped cream. (honestlyyum.com)
But if you really, really want to improve chocolate pecan pie, make it a double chocolate pecan pie. (dineanddish.net)
Do you love pecan pie but are firmly on team cupcake? You don't have to compromise your cupcake principals thanks to this chocolate bourbon pecan pie cupcakes with butter pecan frosting recipe. (halfbakedharvest.com)
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Make a puro version of this Thanksgiving dessert with these pecan pie empanadas (sorry, hand pies) from Cafe Sucre Farine. (cafesucrefarine.com)
Bourbon bacon pecan pie. Do you really need an explanation? (fancyfoodfancy.wordpress.com)
For those who believe pecan pie is a sacred cow best left alone, here is the classic recipe, courtesy of The Food Network. (foodnetwork.com)