12 Things You Should Never Say to a San Antonian 

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Let's face it, San Antonio, when it comes to our city, our culture, our Spurs, we're pretty freaking prideful. So as a fair warning to all non-natives, tourists and folks interested in moving to the Alamo City, let this be your guide. Once you insult a San Antonian, there's no going back.
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"The Alamo is so tiny! "
It’s not about the size, it’s how you use it.

Photo via Flickr, ChuckSutherland
"Austin is the birthplace of breakfast tacos ."
Like Elvis invented rock ‘n’ roll.

Photo via Instagram, thewilderthings
"I don’t think Yolanda did it/Free Yolanda"
Possibly the one and only exceptions for death penalty opponents here.

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"Mark Cuban seems like a pretty cool dude. "
Yeah, and Donald Trump has a winning personality.

Photo via Tumblr, New Albion
"We just moved here from Williamsburg and we adore how authentic the culture is!"
Yanqui, go home!

Photo via Instagram, fiestasa
"The new Taco Land is so much better than the old one."
Said no one ever.

Photo via Instagram, http.sidney
"The Spurs are so boring. "
Like five-time champs boring, or....

Photo via Instagram, 210_spursnation
"Big Red is gross."
Then what exactly does ‘nectar of the gods’ refer to?

Photo via Instagram, drinkbigred
"Selena’s ok, I guess."
I know you didn't just say that about the original Kween.

Photo via Instagram, bilingualthoughts
"I’m not really a fan of the Castro brothers…"
I'm sorry, come again?

Photo via Flickr, U.S. National Archive
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"I don’t like avocado."
What's wrong with you? Avacados are good on literally everything.

Photo via Instagram, nailallie
"San Antonio is totally the new Austin."
Keep it lame, bro. Keep it lame.

Photo via Instagram, framesdirect
"The Alamo is so tiny! "
It’s not about the size, it’s how you use it.

Photo via Flickr, ChuckSutherland

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