15 Adoptable Cats that Need a Home for the Holidays 

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The Animal Defense League of Texas, a no-kill shelter located 11300 Nacogdoches Road, has several cats that are currently looking for a forever home. Check out the cats that are currently available and just try saying no to adopting one of these cuties. It's basically impossible. All photos are courtesy of the Animal Defense League of Texas.
OF 15
"Hi, I’m very new to the Animal Defense League of Texas and the staff and I are getting to know each other. I’ll tell you what, if you think you might be interested in me, please click on the “Ask More About Me” button below and see if they’ve learned anything new about me!"
I am a young and handsome kitty that’s ready to spend the rest of my life with a loving friend. I am friendly and also laid-back. I enjoy doing typical cat antics such as laying on things and cat napping. I am sometimes overlooked because I need to be on a special diet but I don’t think you should let that stop you from visiting me! Please give me a chance to get to know me better and let’s find out if I’m the perfect companion for you!"
"I’m looking for a very special friend that will be okay with my shy personality. It’s a big world out there and as a former stray cat, I’m just trying to be cautious. I’m wary of strangers, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn to trust you. I am quite playful once I get to know you. I often get passed up because I’m FIV positive and this scares people away. Read up on FIV positive cats, and you will learn that a lot of us can live long and happy lives without any symptoms. Are you willing to open your heart to a kitty like me? I hope so! Please visit me and let’s find out if you’re that special forever friend that I’ve been looking for."
"Eeny meeny miny moe…catch me while you can! I have a soft and pretty coat that makes me look stylish. I’m a very friendly kitty, if you make eye contact with me, I’ll quickly run up to you and greet you! If you’re looking for a sweet companion to inhabit your home, then I’ll be more than happy to be that companion for you, please pick me!"
"I’m a friendly tabby with a playful personality! I like to play with toys and have my head rubbed. I’ll be sweet to you so that you can shower me with attention. I hope you’ll give me a chance and visit me so that you can get to know me better. I’m sure that I’ll quickly win your heart over!"
Ginger Spice
"I’m a friendly pretty girl who likes the high places around in the cattery. You can find me near the ceiling hanging out with my cat friends. I’ve been at ADL since January of last year searching for my perfect home, but I’m having a little trouble finding that special person to take me in. I need a special person who will be willing to provide me with the love and care that I need. What kind of care? Well, I need to be on a special diet for my kidneys. If you’d be willing to give me a chance at a forever home, please visit me. I may be hanging up high looking down at you, or you may find me on the ground looking up at you for love. Spend some time with me to see how big my heart is."
"I was found as a stray wandering the streets, now I’m here at ADL searching for my perfect home. I am an independent type of guy who will mind my business most of the time. Sometimes I’ll be in the mood for attention from people, but most times, not so much. I like to crawl around in the rafters up top on the cattery and watch people as they come into the cattery. So be sure to look up to find me because I’ll most likely be up there waiting for you."
"Are you looking for a feline cuddle bug? Do you want a furry friend who will love to be held and carried around by you? If so, then I’ll be perfect for you! I am very laid-back, calm, and enjoy relaxing. I also need to take it easy due to a heart murmur that I have, but taking it easy is no problem at all for me! I will make the perfect couch potato to keep you company. If you’d like to make me your couch potato, then please, come by and meet me soon!"
"I’m generally cautious around new people, so don’t expect me to run up to you instantly. I am more of an independent type of cat and can be quite lazy, but I suppose that’s how most of us cats are. I’ll be okay if another cat wants to cuddle up next to me, but sometimes I can be a grouch. It’s taking me a little longer for me to find a home than the average cat around here because I can be sassy, but I’ve heard there are people who are totally fine with a cat like me. I hope you are one of those people and will visit me!"
"Every now and then, there comes along a cat like me who will need someone special in their life to teach them that everything will be okay. I’m a very shy boy who is wary of strangers. You’ll most likely find me curiously staring at you from a distance with my sweet green eyes and it may take a while before I can trust you. I hope one day, a patient person will look past my nervousness and open their heart to me. If you’d like to give a shy kitty like me a chance, then please consider making me part of your life."
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"So they call me Sassy, I try not to be too sassy but sometimes I can’t help it. I’m still young, only 1 years old, so I have a lot of energy. I’m not usually interested in play time but I’m still an active feline! Please visit me in the cattery, and let’s find out if you’re the one who can provide me with a forever home and love me for the sassy girl that I am."
"Are my eyes already convincing you to take me home with you? I hope so! I am a sweet and friendly girl. I’m still young and playful. I do have an injury to my back that sometimes makes me walk with a limp, but it’s nothing that will stop me from being a loving and good kitty to you! Will you give me that chance to be your kitty?"
Susie Q
"I think it’s obvious that I haven’t been so lucky. I was found as a stray with trauma to my face that unfortunately resulted in the loss of my eyes. Thanks to the ADL hospital staff, I was able to recover and heal. I’m still learning how to get around on my own, but I’m sure I will get much better as time progresses and as I become familiar with my surroundings. I’m a calm kitty that mostly likes to relax and nap. I like to be pet and will even start purring if I get lots of petting. I am grateful to have had ADL help me survive through my injuries, and now I’m ready to find my forever human who will give me the extra love that I need. Please consider opening your heart to a sweet cat like me and visit me as soon as you can!"
" like to be friends with everyone around me! I instantly greet everyone with my loving green eyes. I also dart around a lot, so watch for my quick moves. I often get overlooked because I tested positive for the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). I think people should look past that and give me a chance. Do a little research on it and you will learn that it’s very common for us cats with FIV to live a long good life. I’m only 2 years old, so please give me a chance to love you and live with you!"
"I’m a shy girl and can’t help but feel wary of my surroundings. You see, I’m still not used to the shelter life. I like to spend time in my cat bed sleeping and mind my own business around the cattery. Just make sure that you approach me very slowly and be gentle with me. Even though I am a little scared, I still can still be sweet. Why not give a kitty like me a chance? Come by and visit me!"
"Hi, I’m very new to the Animal Defense League of Texas and the staff and I are getting to know each other. I’ll tell you what, if you think you might be interested in me, please click on the “Ask More About Me” button below and see if they’ve learned anything new about me!"

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