15 Adoptable Dogs in San Antonio That Will Love You Forever 

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Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, so why not spread the love to a pup in need? In honor of the lovey dovey holiday, go ahead and pay the Animal Defense League of Texas a visit and find a doggo to bring home!
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"Pleased to meet you. I am a calm and friendly girl who behaves well on a leash but also enjoys being held so I can look around. I love other dogs but I also like children and cats just fine! I personally believe I would be the best dog for you to adopt and promise I would fit into your family just fine! Come meet me soon, I don’t plan to be here long."
"(Sniff sniff) Hmm, I smell something that needs exploring. How about a little walk? That’s two things I do very well – walking and sniffing. The perfect combination of things to do on a nice day. The only thing that would make it better is some holding time by my favorite human. Romping with a dog pal would be nice too."
"My ears and, uh, more personal body parts barely clear the ground, but that doesn’t make me any less of a Titan. We bassets are big dogs packed into a long, low shape and we are well-loved for it. I love walks, howling as only a basset can do, getting belly rubs and just looking around. I’m a sweet old man who has a few old-man conditions like glaucoma and arthritis, but they are under control with medicines. I would love a home where I can lounge around when I want to and get lots of love. I promise, you can pet my ears whenever you want!"
"Hi, I’m Colt! I’m a bashful boy with cute scraggly Benji-like hair. I’m currently looking for a special person who’ll understand that I’m a bit of a nervous guy. However, I can be playful and enjoy having fun! You’ll just need to go slow with me when we meet. I’m trying my best to build up courage and I’m sure with the right person in a loving home, my personality will blossom! If you’re willing to give me a chance at a forever home, then please come spend some quality time with me!"
"I am a bit shy at first because I am still trying to get used to my surroundings but once we get to know each other you will see that I can be a great cuddle buddy. I would love for us to spend all of our time together and become a forever family. I really would love a best friend that would be patient with me and give me all of their love!"
"I am a gentle giant that truly loves to spend time with every human friend that’s around me. I have gone through a lot this year. I was horribly injured before I came into ADL. I had a hole below my left eye. It was terribly difficult for me to eat food with the injury but the people at ADL helped me and now I am ready to find my forever family! I love going out for good long walks and enjoy treats so much that if I am told to sit I would do it for those yummy treats! I would love to meet you in person, just come to ADL and ask for me!"
"In my picture, you can catch a glimpse of the scar down the middle of my back. Apparently, I was burned, probably by a chemical, before I got here. That’s probably why I’m the way I am – very afraid to let anyone get close to me. I don’t like being this way and would like very much to trust someone, but it’s going to take a long time. Children and men scare me so much, I just can’t be near them. I love dogs and get quite playful around them. Someone did take me home for a while, and she thinks I have the potential to be a great dog, but I need someone with a lot of patience to let me grow out of my fear. If you think you’re that person, please come see me."
"I look like I have had a bit of a rough life, but the staff here has found that I am very friendly and loving. I am energetic but strong, so a strong walking or running partner would be a good match for me. I love food and treats, so that will sure help you to train me to behave how you want and make me happy in the process!"
"Don’t I have a striking coat? It’s not scarlet like my name, but it’s beautiful anyway. Let me tell you some other things about me, since I have many other wonderful qualities. Modesty obviously isn’t one of them, but hey, when you’re as special as I am, why be shy about it? I love dogs, kids and toys, which is good because playing is my favorite thing to do. Even grownups like to play. I’m friendly to everyone. I’m strong, but I know how to calm down and be loving. I mean well and I’m willing to learn if you’re willing to teach me."
"I am a big goofy guy that’s packed full of energy. I tend to get a bit rambunctious and nosey when I’m out for a walk. I can’t help it, I’m just always so curious of everything around me. I’m very friendly around all people but not so much towards cats. I prefer to not be around cats. I enjoy being in the company of humans, it makes me so happy! I’m always excited when I see people; I’m always hoping that someone will take me home. I really want a forever home where I can be active and loved. Maybe you can provide that home for me?"
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"I am an athlete at heart! If I am not performing cool pipes in my kennel I might be outside doing leaps and whirls on the leash. What can I say? I am a big and boisterous boy! I like other dogs, but I need to be matched with other dogs that play the same way. Needless to say, I am the right dog for an active family. I’m no couch potato. but I am an amusing and fun guy to have around."
"Hi, I’m Bernadette! Want to play? I’m always ready for playtime! I like to run around and leap for joy outside. I can be a bit of a goofball sometimes. Overall, I’m a loving little girl with a beautiful smile. I’m ready to find my forever friend who’ll enjoy living an active life with me. So if you’re looking at furry friend, please come by and meet me!"
"Hi, I’m Spyro! Apparently I’m named after the purple dragon character from a video game but these spots on my fur make me look more like a cow! Don’t worry, I won’t stand around grazing on grass all day because I’m a playful boy! I get so happy when I go out for walks and enjoy playing with calm dogs. I’m always excited to go on adventures outdoors! Please visit me so that we can go on an adventure together!"
"Hi, I’m Joel! Some of us dogs just can’t get into hanging out in our kennels because we find kennels boring! I’d much rather be outside where all the action is! Give me a chance to meet you outside and you’ll see what a happy boy I am! I walk well on a leash and will smile for you. Sometimes I’m on alert for squirrels and will scope out my surroundings. I can be charming and I love attention, especially when attention involves me receiving treats! I love treats and I learn very quickly. Once I get to know you, I might turn into a lap dog. I have to admit that I may get excitable during playtime, so it would be best that I go to a home with older children. I also get along great with dogs but I’d rather hang out with the calm ones. I’m ready to find my home soon! Please give me a chance to go on a stroll in the dog park with you!"
"I am a very shy girl but I am very sweet and loving. I also love treats and would feel much more comfortable receiving a delicious treat from you 🙂 I am a very curious girl as well and love to explore my surroundings but would love it more with you by my side!"
"Pleased to meet you. I am a calm and friendly girl who behaves well on a leash but also enjoys being held so I can look around. I love other dogs but I also like children and cats just fine! I personally believe I would be the best dog for you to adopt and promise I would fit into your family just fine! Come meet me soon, I don’t plan to be here long."

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