18 Essential Coffee Spots in San Antonio, and Why You Should Drink at Them 

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Whether you're looking for coffee on the go, java mocktails, or a late-night brew, this list has coffee to suit your every mood. Stop into one of these places today before heading back to the daily grind.
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Take in the Latte Artists

Local Coffee at the Pearl

302 Pearl Pkwy., Suite 118, (210) 248-9133, localcoffee.com
Photo via Instagram / thepowerfulplay
Drink This: Latte (obviously)
Whoever said you shouldn’t play with your food obviously hasn’t seen the latte art at Local Coffee. Make Local Coffee your stop for an afternoon pick-me-up after enjoying some shopping and playing at the Pearl. You can get your art and caffeine fix by ordering a smooth, frothy latte. There’s no telling what kind of latte art skills your barista — likely a contender for the monthly Thursday Night Throwdowns — is going to whip out. Don’t forget to get a couple of pics before sipping on this cup of coffee to capture the magic of a perfectly poured tulip, rosette or fern.
Photo via Instagram / s.a.foodie
Catch Up with a Friend on a Comfy Couch

Olmos Perk

5223 McCullough Ave., (210) 492-1104
Photo via Instagram / olmosperk
Drink This: Cappuccino
There’s a lot to love at this Olmos Park coffee shop. The quintessential neighborhood coffee shop, it’s got something for everyone from private working spaces to friendly staff to a living room decor that’s the perfect environment to sit down with a friend and catch up on life. If you’ve got a lot of catching up to do, you can order one of their breakfast or lunch items and stay a while, or just enjoy a delicious cappuccino to sip on.
Photo via Instagram / olmosperkcoffee
Take In Poetry and Chisme

Barrio Barista

3735 Culebra Road, (210) 519-5403, barriobarista.coffee
Photo via Instagram / barriobarista
Drink This: Iced horchata latte
Though currently closed for renovations (you’ll have to get your barbacoa grilled cheese fix at Sabina’s Coffee House in the meantime), Barrio Barista is home to chill digs and coffee by local roasters What’s Brewing. Stop in for spoken word when the shop reopens after February 14.
Photo via Instagram / s.a.foodie
For Coffee on the Go

Mila Coffee

2202 Broadway, (210) 929-3678, facebook.com
Photo via Instagram / milacoffeesa
Drink This: Horchata iced coffee
At Mila, Marco Antonio Lastra services the Midtown area and the cycling crowd with Tweed Coffee out of Dallas. Try a splash of horchata made using Mexican vanilla.
Photo via Instagram / milacoffeesa
Hill Country Caffeine

Wander’n Calf Espresso Bar & Bakery

523 8th St., Comfort, (210) 802-9403, wanderncalf.com
Photo via Instagram / wanderncalfcoffee
Drink This: Cuban
A jaunt to the Hill Country doesn’t mean you’re SOL when it comes to quality coffee. Housed inside the 8th Street Market, Wander’n Calf should be your go-to for pour overs, lattes and more. And their private labels beans, available in 8-ounce and 1-pound bags, are roasted in San Antonio.
Photo via Instagram / wanderncalfcoffee
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For Inventive Coffee Mocktails

Estate Coffee Co.

1320 E. Houston St., Suite A101, (210) 667-4347, estatecoffeecompany.com
Photo via Instagram / estatecoffeeco
Drink This: Pour over
This itty-bitty shop on the city’s Near Eastside is still a destination to some, but for coffee connoisseurs, Estate is a coffee playground known for its in-shop roasted beans and creative specialty mocktails such as the cold brew shandy with locally made lemonade and Topo Chico or the coffee Old Fashioned complete with bourbon barrel smoked simple syrup.
Photo via Instagram / estatecoffeeco
Do it for the ’Gram

Espressivo Coffee

317 Probandt, (210) 560-4669, facebook.com
Photo via Yelp / Sadia K.
Drink This: Latte
Though the exteriors and interiors of this coffee shop bucks the posh, stark all-white-everything trend followed by most shops, they’re home to a casual patio, and two baristas itching to create. Stop in for colorful lattes, and stenciled foam over single-origin coffee.
Photo via Instagram / espressivocoffeesa
Transition into Happy Hour

Rosella at the Rand

114 Houston St., (210) 595-1410, rosellacoffee.com
Photo via Instagram / rosellatx
Drink This: Menta Be
Available from 4 to 7 p.m., the happy hour at Rosella pushes you to put that laptop away and take in your surroundings. Grab a $6 cocktail, take in your metropolitan life and enjoy this iced coffee-fueled minty concoction.
Photo via Instagram / rosellatx
For Coffee on the Go

Sweet Pea by Estate

1203 S. Alamo St., instagram.com
Photo via Instagram / sweetpea_by_estate
Drink This: Honey lavender latte
Over on Southtown, the 1965 Mobile Scout “Sweet Pea” is staffed by the same folks you’ll find at Estate Coffee Co. Grab a honey lavender latte, made using their own locally roasted beans on your way to work. For the perpetually busy, these guys are lifesavers.
Photo via Instagram / sweetpea_by_estate
You Won’t Need Earbuds Here

Cafe Martinez

7302 Louis Pasteur Drive, Suite 101, (210) 231-0095, cafemartinez.com
Photo via Instagram / cafemartinezsanantonio
Drink This: Tazón de Campo
The proximity to the UT Health Science Center makes this spot the young, and hip coffee shop of your dreams. Inspired by the Argentine tradition of a community-centric environment, this spacious gathering place is the perfect place to come to find out what the kids are drinking these days. Try one of the Argentine menu items like the Tazón de Campo: an extra milky latte great for sipping on while you listen to their carefully crafted playlist. No need to pop in your headphones at this place.
Photo via Yelp / Jerry J.
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Where to Go for Late Night Brew


1414 S. Alamo St., (210) 277-7045, halcyonsouthtown.com
Photo via Instagram / halcyonsouthtown
Drink This: Cosmonaut
Maybe you need a little boost? Vanilla vodka, Kahlua, house espresso, and half and half make up this indulgent concoction. Get the best of both worlds with this coffee spirit hybrid that might just make you jump up and dance to the live music you can often find in this Southtown spot on weekend nights. Take the party on down to this fun spot and indulge.
Photo via Yelp / Rose A.
Kiddos Welcome Here

CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery

611 Hemisfair Blvd., (210) 686-4844, commonwealthcoffeehouse.com
Photo via Instagram / commonwealth_coffeehouse
Drink This: French press
The original location is an Alamo Heights haven with little to no signage and sprawling patios. The new Yanaguana location inside the 1800s Koehler House ups that ante with an entire park for kids to explore. Mom’s who brunch (available Saturday and Sunday) will especially love the splash pad-adjacent shop when it fires back up this spring.
Photo via Instagram / commonwealth_coffeehouse
For Coffee on the Go

Theory Coffee

2347 Nacogdoches Road, (512) 507-3025, theorycoffeeco.com
Photo via Instagram / theorycoffee
Drink This: Americano
The team at Theory is small but mighty and you can always count on them being in their usual spot at Nacogdoches and 410 where you can walk up to their truck, have a nice chat, get your coffee, and then move on to wherever you’re going. A hot Americano is just the soul-warming beverage you need to get your day started on the right foot.
Photo via Instagram / theorycoffee
Where to Drink with the Pros

Indy Coffee Co.

7114 UTSA Blvd., Suite 103, (210) 233-9203, indycoffeeco.com
Photo via Instagram / indy_cc
Drink This: Eagle Scout
Ten years ago, the closest coffee shop to UTSA was a Starbucks at Huebner Oaks. These days, the students, faculty and staff at the university are privy to some of Brooklyn, New York’s best beans, Parlor Coffee. The Eagle Scout, an espresso pour over eight ounces of hot water, allows you to taste every note, undertone and everything in between.
Photo via Instagram / hannahjphillips
Make This Your Study/Work Haven

Revolucion Coffee & Juice

7959 Broadway, (210) 701-0725, revolucionsa.com
Photo via Yelp / Laura J.
Drink This: Cold Brew
This Alamo Heights spot has the perfect vibe for your studying or working needs. The wide open warehouse feel gives you just enough room to get those creative juices flowing and get an A on that test you’ve been procrastinating studying for. Stay for a while and try something from their extensive list of vegetarian breakfast foods including their fruit-filled and amazing acai bowls. The cold brew is a standout pick to get that caffeine jolt you need to kill it on that work project, and you can pop out to the patio to enjoy your coffee and/or food on a nice day.
Photo via Instagram / revolucionsa
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Pre-Gym Buzz

Summermoon Wood-fired Coffee

3233 N. St. Mary’s St., (210) 320-1773, woodfiredcoffee.com
Photo via Instagram / summermoon_satx
Drink This: Nitro on tap
Sometimes you need that pre-Zumba jolt to really get you moving. The Austin-based Summermoon landed in San Antonio in a little more than a year ago, and is keeping Tobin Hill caffeinated with their fire-roasted beans.
Photo via Instagram / summermoon_satx
Where to Geek Out About Coffee

Brown Coffee

1800 Broadway, (210) 274-0702, browncoffeeco.com
Photo via Instagram / browncoffeeco
Drink This: Black Coffee (Pour over)
It’s no surprise that every time you walk up to the counter at Brown Coffee on Broadway the barista is ready to talk coffee. Aaron Blanco, founder and owner, sets a high bar for coffee education. The team at Brown is well-informed about everything from the beans themselves to how to prepare them. Blanco’s passion for coffee was featured in a documentary called Coffee-Hunting: Kenya, produced in 2016, which is currently available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. So after you get the low-down on your expertly prepared pour over, grab it to go and plop down on your couch to watch the doc and see where the beans in your drink came from.
Photo via Instagram / browncoffeeco
Under New Ownership

La Taza Java Coffee House

15060 San Pedro Ave., (210) 494-8292, facebook.com
Photo via Instagram / latazajava
Drink This: Drip coffee
Houston’s Katz Coffee has a place in San Antonio with La Taza, which changed owners this 2017. Corrina Perez is keeping the third place coffee house open with varied programming, artwork and a spruced up space.
Photo via Yelp / Madolyn R.
Take in the Latte Artists

Local Coffee at the Pearl

302 Pearl Pkwy., Suite 118, (210) 248-9133, localcoffee.com
Photo via Instagram / thepowerfulplay

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