20 Actually Good Date Ideas If You're An Introverted San Antonian 

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If you and your beloved preferring kicking back at home, we totally get you. But sometimes you feel like doing something. For when you want to go out without feeling like you're actually going out and dealing with loud places, crowds and everything else that keeps you at home, here's some date ideas for you to consider.
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Check out what’s going on at Artpace
445 N Main Ave, artpace.org
As San Antonio awaits the opening of Ruby City, take the opportunity to spend some time at Artpace. While your introvert selves will want to stay away on opening nights or special events, consider a mid-week visit the perfect chance to appreciate art in all its beauty on your own terms.
Photo via Instagram / annie_wilde
Tour the San Antonio Shoe factory (and enjoy some cheap snacks after)
101 New Laredo Hwy, (210) 924-6507, sasshoes.com
Head to the South Side to explore the local factory where SAS shoes are made. You and bae will join old folks, sometimes with their grandkids, on the tour, but you’ll still be able to enjoy each other’s company. After the tour, which are offered daily, stop by the general store to snack on popcorn and a soda (you can each get your own for less than a dollar!).
Photo via Instagram / fightrudyfight
Explore the 2-1-0 through the Mission Reach
From downtown to Southtown, thesanantonioriverwalk.com
Suit up and choose whether you’d like to walk, run or bike your way down the Mission Reach with your lovely by your side. This 8-mile stretch offers an absolutely beautiful and historic view of the Alamo City, largely with four of the World Heritage Missions on the trail. There’s also plenty of gorgeous sights throughout, so make sure to bring your camera.
Photo via Instagram / ryanibarra24
Get to studying at the South Texas Museum of Popular Culture
1017 E Mulberry Ave, (210) 858-8935, stpcc.org
For museum vibes and lots of cool shit without the crowds, hit up Tex Pop. A hidden gem still for many, this longstanding museum gives an insight to the history, culture and influence of the local and regional music scene. Serving as an archive, art gallery, performance venue and of course museum, Tex Pop will fascinate your lovely selves, no doubt.
Photo via Instagram / luna8190
Browse for rare finds at Cheevers Books
3613 Broadway St, (210) 824-2665
Lots and lots of used books are up for grabs over at Cheevers. The Broadway spot is full of true gems and rare finds, so spend a few hours with your companion going through the selections and picking out books. Heck, you might even find something to read together.
Photo via Instagram / charlenellanas
Unwind in one of SA’s surrounding small towns
Depending on what kind of vibe you’re looking for, you and your S.O. can gas up and head out of town. You’ll be able to head to Boerne, Castroville, Floresville, Fredericksburg, Hondo or New Braunfels and back on a tank of gas, and you’re bound to find an adventure. The options are truly endless.
Photo via Instagram / zelmadixon_realestate
Have a drink and play some board games at Candlelight Coffeehouse
3011 N St Mary's St, (210) 738-0099, candlelightsatx.com
Candlelight has it all with coffee, tea, wine and more – and the homey digs make it a prime spot to enjoy your choice of drink while kicking back. If you’d like to keep busy, challenge your sweetheart to a board game – it might be worthwhile to bring out their competitive edge.So go ahead and post up on the couch and put your game face on.
Photo via Instagram / candlelightsatx
Take a stroll around Denman Estate Park
7735 Mockingbird Ln, sanantonio.gov
This particular city park distinguishes itself in the most artistic and remarkable way as it displays a stunning Korean monument, hand-crafted by artisans from our sister city Gwanja, Korea. Surrounding the monument is a still pond and lawn to kick back and take in the view. Honestly, half of the folks visiting are just there to snap pictures, so you won’t be bothered much. So go ahead and take in all this beauty.
Photo via Instagram / lilladyfromtexas
Try your luck at Bandera Late Night Bingo
5810 Bandera Road, (210) 682-6000, goldenbingofamily.com
While any bingo hall will do just fine, hitting up this one lets you feel like you’re going out by being out late. Sure, this hall can get a little more crowded on the weekend, but the folks there are only focused on winning and won’t bother you and your beloved. Best of luck!
Photo via Instagram / cashy3w
Have a mid-week drink at Havana Bar
1015 Navarro St, (210) 222-2008, havanasanantonio.com
Going out to have a drink but retaining the intimacy and secluded nature of getting boozy at home may sound difficult, but Havana Bar comes through. If you just want to focus on your cutie pie and your drink and not worry about anything else, let the dimly-lit, super sexy basement bar give your everything you’re looking for.
Photo via Instagram / stevenvsqz
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Check out some books at Central Library (and lounge around while you’re there)
600 Soledad St, (210) 207-2500, mysapl.org
Hitting up Central Library should feel like a treat, even if just for the opportunity to take in its beauty. The impeccably-designed structure is not only massive, but also gorgeous and home to lots and lots of books. The downtown library is also known to house galleries and exhibitions at times, so your date will enjoy exploring all that is available here. We promise the librarian won’t bother you either.
Photo by Siggi Ragnar
Hunt for good finds at Boysville Auxiliary Thrift Store
307 W Olmos Dr, (210) 826-2195, boysvilletexas.org
You’ll not only be finding true treasure items while shopping at Boysville Auxiliary, but also be giving back to kids in need. Oh, and of course having a blast with bae. Have some fun with it in your own way, whether that’s searching for funky clothes items or finding something to furnish your home.
Photo via Instagram / boysvillethriftstore
Get out of this world with Scobee Planetarium
1819 N Main Ave, (210) 486-0100, alamo.edu
For an out-of-this world date, take your cutie to the Scobee Planetarium located on SAC’s campus. Open every Friday night for public programming, the planetarium gives you access to various programs throughout the night with jaw-dropping visuals. Whether you and your partner are into nerdy stuff like this or not, y’all will definitely feel as if you’re in your own little world.
Photo via Instagram / sanantoniocollege
Play tourist and rent an Airbnb
You’ve got options
We’ll say it counts as going out if you do your same introvert things at an Airbnb. Have a staycation here in SA or pack your bags for a quick getaway, either way you’ll have a memorable experience with your boo in new space that you can select to your liking.
Photo courtesy of Airbnb
Catch the show at Bracken Cave
26101 FM 3009, tpwd.texas.gov
A seasonal home to Mexican free-tailed bats, Bracken Cave is a local landmark that should not be missed. You’ll be smart to plan your trip during the season so you can catch the bats emerging from the cave. If you and your love are into spooky shit, this is definitely your type of date.
Photo via Instagram / u1tralord
Grab a cup of joe at Estate Coffee Co.
1320 E Houston St A101, (210) 267-8725, estatecoffeecompany.com
While lots of coffeehouses are loud and overwhelming, Estate keeps a calm, soothing aura even at peak busy times. With a minimalist aesthetic and chill demeanor, consider this a go-to for quick java fixes with your honey.
Photo via Instagram / estatecoffeeco
Kick back for a free movie screening via Slab Cinema
Multiple locations, slabcinema.com
You can have the fun of Netflix and chill minus the chill...and replace the Netflix with a blockbuster movie projected on an inflatable screen, thanks to Slab Cinema. With screenings popping up around town, you and your one-and-only can choose a movie to watch for free. Just remember to bring the lawn chair or blanks for maximum coziness.
Photo via Instagram / slabcinema
Take your shot at skating at the Rollercade
223 Recoleta Road, (210) 826-6361, therollercade.com
If you’re willing to go to the edge of your comfort zone, head on over to the Rollercade. This longstanding roller rink bumps disco tunes so you and your date can jam out or hold hands as you make laps. Even if there’s other people skating, you’ll be too focused on keeping on your feet to pay attention to anybody there.
Photo via Instagram / lovethehk
Start drinking early and hit up Cobalt Club
2022 McCullough Ave, (210) 251-2027
If you and bae like getting boozy without the crowds, consider Cobalt heaven-sent. Get there early – 7 a.m. if you’re truly down – to slam them down and make out if you’re feeling romantic.
Photo by Jaime Monzon
Get in touch with your wild side at the Quadrangle
1405 E Grayson St, Fort Sam Houston, (210) 221-1886,
Military appreciators, history buffs and animal lovers alike are all likely to have a blast at the Quadrangle. Open to civilian visitors, this hidden gem at Fort Sam Houston features a military museum, clock tower memorial and lots of animals – from deer to peacocks – roaming free. This will definitely be a date to remember that requires very little social interaction.
Photo via Instagram / usarnorth
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Check out what’s going on at Artpace
445 N Main Ave, artpace.org
As San Antonio awaits the opening of Ruby City, take the opportunity to spend some time at Artpace. While your introvert selves will want to stay away on opening nights or special events, consider a mid-week visit the perfect chance to appreciate art in all its beauty on your own terms.
Photo via Instagram / annie_wilde

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