20 Adoptable Animals in San Antonio That Are Ready to Be Your New Best Friend 

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There's plenty of pups and kitties that you'll love so much they'll be like family. Why not pick up a doggo or cat of your own? Get to the Animal Defense League of Texas to find your furry friend.
OF 20
Genghis Khan
"I am strong and young and eager to go. I am not sure my name is right for me because I am a sweetie who just loves attention and am good with children as well as big people. I have to admit, though, that I consider other dogs to be the enemy that arouses my not so nice side. So I need a home where I can be the only dog. I promise you won’t regret it if you adopt me."
"Hi, I’m Neil! I’m a nice guy who you’ll probably find snoozing in a high spot in the cattery here. I usually mind my own business but if you come over to say hello to me, I’ll perk up and come over to you too. You’ll notice that I have a part of my tail missing. What happened there? Well, when I cam to ADL, my tail was broken and the best thing for me was to have part of it removed. Now I have this nubby tail which I like to think makes me more unique. Please visit me and let’s talk about making me your loving cat companion."
"I’m a nice girl and like most hounds, I’m an explorer who loves to go for walks. I will curiously check out the whole area while I’m out for a walk. I’m very people-friendly and will make a great companion to my forever person. I’d prefer to be the only dog in my future home so that I can have all the attention on me and shower you with kisses! Let’s hang out so that we can get to know each other better and possibly become best friends!"
"Hello! I’m Salt. I’m a very affectionate gal when I’m not hiding. I enjoy the company of other cats and find I do best when given a companion! Once I warm up to you, I’ll provide the best cuddle! Will you cuddle with me?!"
"My ears and, uh, more personal body parts barely clear the ground, but that doesn’t make me any less of a Titan. We bassets are big dogs packed into a long, low shape and we are well-loved for it. I love walks, howling as only a basset can do, getting belly rubs and just looking around. I’m a sweet old man who has a few old-man conditions like glaucoma and arthritis, but they are under control with medicines. I would love a home where I can lounge around when I want to and get lots of love. I promise, you can pet my ears whenever you want!"
"Hey there! I’m Tara. You will most likely find me hiding in my litterbox so please ask to see me. I do well with other cat friends and feel more adventurous at night. I can’t wait to find my home where I can possibly have a cat friend and settle down with my person. Please come meet me soon!"
"How is everyone doing? Let me start off by saying that I am very happy that you are looking at my profile and have an interest in me. You see, I really enjoy being around people because everyone around at ADL seems so friendly so I like to be friendly back to them especially when they take me out for walks! I have an idea, how about you come down to ADL and we go for a nice long walk and get to know each other? Let’s do it!"
"Hello! I’m Smitty and I am a rather shy guy. Everyone keeps telling me that I’m a handsome boy and I hope you think so too! I’m a little more robust than I should be and that’s why I’m trying to get down to a healthy weight. I hope my future family will help me on my weight loss journey. Ideally, I would like someone who’ll feed me a good diet and enjoy playtime with me. A laser pointer, cat nip, and a cat wand with feathers might help get me moving. Even though I’m a shy kitty, I’d still love to meet you! Come by the Paul Jolly and let’s meet soon because I’d much rather finish out my weight loss journey in a loving home with you."
"I am a distinguished older gentleman but my face was wrinkled even when I was a young pup. I am very sweet and love to relax and chill out. Why fuss and run about when a nice ortho bed or sofa is available for lounging around? I really love people except for those little ones. They’re okay but I prefer to walk away from them and find a grown up who will give me affection and treats. I don’t have any teeth any more but I might mouth you a bit in a playful way. The joints are a bit stiff now. I hope all this honesty hasn’t put you off. If you meet me you will adore me like everyone else around here does."
"Hi, I’m Nala! I’m what they call an oldie but goodie and I definitely have a lot of good in my heart. I’m a loving, calm, affectionate kitty who loves attention and meeting new people. I especially love head rubs and chin rubs which I’ll make sure to get from you. This is my third time at ADL but last time I was here, I was a much younger gal. It was actually ten years ago to be exact. Sometimes things don’t work out for the best and so here I am again. I’m hopeful someone will come by soon and make me their forever companion. I’m a lovable kitty who treats everyone like they’re my best friend and I hope you’ll be the one to make me your best friend too and take me home with you!"
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"Hello, I am Rudolph! Aren’t I a handsome boy? I’m also a nice boy but sometimes I’m a little wary around new people so please take your time with me. Before you know it, you’ll soon gain my trust and be seeing plenty of smiles from me! I enjoy the outdoors and love to go for walks. I like to sit by the side of people I know. I am looking forward to finding someone who’ll give me the chance be their best friend. Come by and meet me today!"
Kadee Bear
"Hi everyone, I’m very happy that you are interested in my profile. I am a very calm, smart girl that loves to receive lots of affection and hugs. I really enjoy spending time with my human friends. All I need now is a forever home where I will get all the love from my forever family. Come and ask for me so we can meet!"
"Hi, I’m Joel! Some of us dogs just can’t get into hanging out in our kennels because we find kennels boring! I’d much rather be outside where all the action is! Give me a chance to meet you outside and you’ll see what a happy boy I am! I walk well on a leash and will smile for you. Sometimes I’m on alert for squirrels and will scope out my surroundings. I can be charming and I love attention, especially when attention involves me receiving treats! I love treats and I learn very quickly. Once I get to know you, I might turn into a lap dog. I have to admit that I may get excitable during playtime, so it would be best that I go to a home with older children. I also get along great with dogs but I’d rather hang out with the calm ones. I’m ready to find my home soon! Please give me a chance to go on a stroll in the dog park with you!"
"Hi, I’m Nadia! I may appear shy at first but give me a chance to warm up to you! Before you know it, I’ll be happily receiving treats from your hand. I’ll even let you give me neck scratches which I love! You know what else I’d love? To spend all my time by your side! How does that sound? Come meet me and make me your new feline friend!"
"It’s hot outside and my favorite thing about that is playing in water to keep cool! I LOVE water! I also really like toys and tend to wear them out fairly quickly. I’m playful, silly and cheerful! I can’t wait to find my best friend who’ll take me out on adventures, especially ones that involve me splashing around in water. Let’s meet and find out if we can be forever pals!"
"I’m a social but mischievous little imp. Having a limp has not stopped me from being an active cat. I really love treats and when I am in the mood I love a good cuddle. I’m still very playful and would benefit from a home with lots of toys to entertain me. When I get bored I do find ways to entertain myself but sometimes that can get me in a bit of trouble. If you’re a bit impish like me than we would make the perfect pair!"
"I am a pretty girl with a big smile. When I get a chance to go out, I am all about sniffing and exploring everywhere. I need to get that out of my system, then I will be ready for calmer things such as my celebrity photo shoot. I can be a little bit nervous sometimes, but other times you will hardly notice it. I would like to be the celebrity in your home!"
"Hello, I am Kassie! A typical day for me is lounging around relaxing. I have a strong preference for a home without other cats. I’m the type of girl who prefers to have cat beds to myself. Even though having cat friend just isn’t my thing, I still wouldn’t mind living with people. As long as they spoil me and love me forever, then I’ll be happy!"
"Hello hello, Maui is my name, and I got to say it is great that you’re reading about me. I am as friendly as can be and as welcoming as can be! I love hugs but then again who doesn’t love snuggly hugs. It will be the best time ever to have you come over so we can meet and get to know each other!"
"Hi, I’m Socks! You can meet me in the phat camp of the cattery! I love to climb around up top and people watch. I’m a friendly gal who is looking for someone who wot’ mind me cat napping a lot. I would love to find a comfy home with someone soon! Please meet me so that we can get to know each other!"
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Genghis Khan
"I am strong and young and eager to go. I am not sure my name is right for me because I am a sweetie who just loves attention and am good with children as well as big people. I have to admit, though, that I consider other dogs to be the enemy that arouses my not so nice side. So I need a home where I can be the only dog. I promise you won’t regret it if you adopt me."

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