20 Adoptable Animals in San Antonio Who Need a Warm, Loving Family 

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It's cold out, and there's plenty of dogs and cats that could use a warm place to lay their head at night. Open up your home and make a furry cutie a part of the family, just swing by the Animal Defense League of Texas.
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"Hi, I’m Kim! I’m a very happy go lucky girl! I know fetch, sit, and drop it. I’m ready to master more commands too! For training, treats can go a long way with me. I seem to like other dogs, and I love the company of humans. I walk very well on a leash, and I love to give sloppy wet kisses! As long as you greet me with open arms of excitement, I’ll be all yours!"
"Hello, I’m the handsome Adonis! I’m a gentle lad with a calm demeanor. Please go slow with me because I can be a bit timid around lots of action. Overall, I am a happy boy who enjoys playtime and talking. Once I warm up to you, I’ll be demanding attention from you! Come hang out with me and let’s talk about making me your new furry best friend. I’ll be so happy to meet you!"
"I’m a spunky and energetic kitty. Sometimes my playfulness can be off putting for other cats but I really enjoy their company. I’m very social and I do well with children, too. Someone should come adopt me today!"
"I am an athlete at heart! If I am not performing cool pipes in my kennel I might be outside doing leaps and whirls on the leash. What can I say? I am a big and boisterous boy! I like other dogs, but I need to be matched with other dogs that play the same way. Needless to say, I am the right dog for an active family. I’m no couch potato. but I am an amusing and fun guy to have around."
"I have been described as a smart older guy who loves to just relax and enjoy my space. But that is only one side of me! Just show me a treat and I will try to sit as I am supposed to, but I just can hardly contain myself and wait for the person to actually give it to me. It looked delicious! Not fair to make me wait! I also love to be petted and get attention, what dog doesn’t? Don’t I sound irresistible?"
"I have tons of energy and love to play. I also love attention so I’ll run right up to you when you visit the cattery. I’m very playful with other cats but sometimes my energy can be too much for them. I’m looking for a life full of adventure with you!"
"I am a fine old dame whose face tells the story of my long and fruitful life. I still have a lot of living left to do, going for walks with someone I love or lounging around in a quiet home atmosphere. I would be happy to live with another dog if they are calm, friendly, and willing to share your love with me. A new home is definitely on my bucket list and it could be yours for this oldie but goodie."
"I’m Lyric, that’s right the one and only Lyric. I am such a spontaneous gal that enjoys an open area where I can run and jump. You see that smile, that is the smile I will have once I get to meet you because I love to be with humans and become best pals!”
"I’m an active and playful kitty who can entertain you for hours with my wild antics. I do know how to calm and down and I love a good snuggle. “Taste the Rainbow” and come adopt me today!"
"Well how do you do, I am Josie, and let me start off by saying that if you got a treat I’ll take a sit just for the said treat. Now, I got to say, I do love attention and running around outside to explore! When we meet, if you take me out to the doggie park and start handing me treats well let’s say you and I will be a match!”
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"Hello hello, Maui is my name, and I got to say it is great that you’re reading about me. I am as friendly as can be and as welcoming as can be! I love hugs but then again who doesn’t love snuggly hugs. It will be the best time ever to have you come over so we can meet and get to know each other!"
"Hi, I’m Liam! I’m a pretty laid-back and friendly type of guy. I love to look out the window and relax. I also enjoy exploring. I enjoy hanging out with my buddy, Thunder who I share my space with here. We met here at ADL and have become good friends! I don’t mind being held and can be chatty. I’m ready to find a person who I can hang with and who will adore me as much as I adore them!"
"Hi there! My name is Herby the Love Bug! Go ahead and tell me how much you love me, I’m all ears! They’re pretty big but I think it makes me look adorable! Don’t you think so too? I’m a charming, playful, goofy, and super curious little guy! I would love to go on adventures with you!"
"Dave is the name and sit for the treat is the game. The rules are simple, you show me a treat and if I sit down then you hand me over a treat! I love the game, there’s nothing better! Hopefully, you and I can play this game and we become best pals! Better yet we become a forever family and I can have a forever home. That will be the best!"
"I’m a very mellow girl. I know that I can look a bit standoffish but don’t let my Garfield eyes fool you! I don’t mind being petted or held. Actually, I love to be held! I’m the perfect cat to just hang out in your home!"
"I’m a rowdy young dog, still growing and maturing and overflowing with puppy energy. I love running and playing, and splashing in water, especially in summer, is the greatest! I need an owner who’s experienced in taking care of dogs like me – dogs with good hearts who love being busy all the time and want to learn how to be good boys. Just like most youngsters, I can throw quite a temper tantrum when I get frustrated, so I need to learn to channel my energy. I bet I’d be great at sports like agility or frisbee. Will you be the one who helps me?"
"I’m trying my best to not be so shy around people but can you blame me? I was found roaming a neighborhood with nowhere to go and was brought here to look for a home. I’m looking forward to the day I find that special person for me, so that I can have a nice home where I can relax with them. I’m sure within time, I’ll learn to break out of my shell and show my true self. Will you give me a chance to get to know you and be your best friend?"
"I can be a savory Quiche but I will need to “bake” for a long time in a new home. I’m very bashful and prefer to hide away instead of socializing. So go slow with me and when I say slow I mean that literally. Sudden movements startled me. I just need someone with lots of love and patience to take me home. Is that person you?"
"I was found as a stray wandering the streets, now I’m here at ADL searching for my perfect home. I am an independent type of guy who will mind my business most of the time. Sometimes I’ll be in the mood for attention from people, but most times, not so much. I like to crawl around in the rafters up top on the cattery and watch people as they come into the cattery. So be sure to look up to find me because I’ll most likely be up there waiting for you."
"Hi, I’m Cho! Look into my eyes, don’t you think they are beautiful? I hope they convince you to come meet me! I am a quiet kitty who tends to keep to myself in the cattery. I’m not a social butterfly but wish I could be! I’m just shy and will need some time to get to know new people. I hope someone will be willing to give me that chance to get to know them. Will you give me that chance?"
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"Hi, I’m Kim! I’m a very happy go lucky girl! I know fetch, sit, and drop it. I’m ready to master more commands too! For training, treats can go a long way with me. I seem to like other dogs, and I love the company of humans. I walk very well on a leash, and I love to give sloppy wet kisses! As long as you greet me with open arms of excitement, I’ll be all yours!"

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