20 Adoptable Animals in San Antonio Who Will Absolutely Steal Your Heart 

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At the Animal Defense League, there are plenty of adoptable cats and dogs looking for a place to crash. Stop by and choose which adorable, furry friend you want to share your space with – as in make part of the family.
OF 20
"Hello! I am Ada! I am currently searching for the perfect home where I can chill out and enjoy chin rubs from my human. Come on over to ADL to get to know sweet me!"
"Guten tag! My name is Germany! I am a very sweet and playful young man. I’m an active guy too! I believe I would make a fantastic running buddy! I enjoy going out on adventures and daily walks. I hope my next adventure can be with you!"
"Aren’t I adorable? I have a personality that matches. I love people and dogs, so much that sometimes I get excited and jump. But hey, you would too if you had as much love inside as I do! You might notice my back legs are a little odd. That’s caused by my CCL, the dog equivalent of your ACL. The folks here can tell you about it and how to fix it. Does it stop me from being my happy, frisky self? Woof, no! Nothing slows down Ireland. Take me home and I will add great joy to your life."
"Hello, I’m Bianca. I’m still new around here and that’s why I’m a bit apprehensive at the moment. I would really like a home where I can settle down and relax. I’m eager to find someone who will give me the chance to warm up to them and help me understand that everything will be okay. A calm home with a cozy bed would be lovely! Will you give a nervous kitty like me a chance to be your friend?"
"Look at me, look at me! I am the doggo with the best wiggle with the best smile and with the best eyes. I’d just like to say that if we meet and I get a belly rub from you then I’ll go crazy in love with you and would want to give you a loving hug. I love treats but let’s be honest, who doesn’t love treats, but seriously give me treats though and my hugs will be endless. I love to be out and about so let’s meet!"
"So I can’t sing like my namesake, but I’m just as pretty, with my long, glamorous hair, don’t you think? My boyfriend Butch thinks so. People may laugh and call me a cougar since Butch is a lot younger, but he’s such a cute little guy that I don’t want to ever be without him. Where he goes, I go, and where I go, he goes. Can we go with you?"
"I’m pretty irresistible with my gorgeous eyes and white fur. Just as a caution, please go slow with me. This is not because I’m shy, far from it, but because I get a little overstimulated when I get petted. Slow, relaxing strokes works the best. Anything else gets me all jazzed up. I’m sure once we meet we can figure each other out quickly so you should stop by today!"
"Hi, I’m Tala! I’m a chunky yet funky girl who is looking for my forever home. I am very energetic and love to play fetch! I walk very well on a leash, so walks are a breeze for me. Come visit me and let’s go for a walk!"
"Hi, I’m Charlie! I’m pretty right? I’m pretty on the inside too but you’ll need to give me some time to show you. I have to admit…I do better with the ladies than men, and older kiddos would be best for me. Someone spent a lot of time teaching me tricks during the time I had spent time in a home…adjusting to life in the shelter has made me a bit nervous. Come by and meet me and let’s see how things go!"
"Don’t I have a unique face? I have a unique personality too! Anyone would be so happy to have me in their home. Are you that person? If so, you should come adopt me today!"
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"Heeeeeelllloooooo! I’m Rockford! I’m the new kid in town and I’m ready to rock-n-roll! I’m a bundle of energy who’s always gung ho to be taken for a walk! I will fit in best with an active person who can handle my excitement when I’m the leash. If you’re looking for a fun dog who’s ready to have a good time and cheer you up, then I’m you’re man! 😎"
"Hi there, my name is Nix! I hope you’ll come by and meet me soon because I love to meet new people! I do enjoy a tasty meaty dog treat and going for walks. Everyone says that I am a sweet girl and I hope you’ll think so too."
Draco Meowfoy
"I’m not a misunderstood bad boy. I’m just a shy boy who is slowly gaining confidence in my surroundings. I’m a talker so I’ll let you know when I’m up to be petted or if it is “me time” and it’s best if I’m left alone. Come visit me today so you can see that I am no bad guy."
"Hello, I am Rudolph! Aren’t I a handsome boy? I’m also a nice boy but sometimes I’m a little wary around new people so please take your time with me. Before you know it, you’ll soon gain my trust and be seeing plenty of smiles from me! I enjoy the outdoors and love to go for walks. I like to sit by the side of people I know. I am looking forward to finding someone who’ll give me the chance be their best friend. Come by and meet me today!"
"Aren’t I pretty? Don’t I look like the kind of dog you’d like to take home? I am full of fun and energy, and I’m quite smart too. I know the sit command, but I must admit I don’t do it for long because there are too many other things to do. I know the shake command too, but after I hand you my paw I give you the other one and it ends up being more like jumping up on my back legs because I’m just so happy! I do stay still for a belly rub, because who doesn’t love a good belly rub? If you take me home we could be best friends!"
"Hi, I’m Sabrina! I’m a sweet and friendly girl with a fluffy tail. I enjoy pets on the head and am looking for a loving home where I can relax. I would love to be your new kitty friend! Come by and meet me so that we can get to know each other."
"Well how do you do, I am Josie, and let me start off by saying that if you got a treat I’ll take a sit just for the said treat. Now, I got to say, I do love attention and running around outside to explore! When we meet, if you take me out to the doggie park and start handing me treats well let’s say you and I will be a match!”
"Hi, I’m Osito which means teddy bear in Spanish. I’m definitely like a big lovable teddy bear who loves to be around people! I get playful when toys are around and will patiently wait for a toy. I do like treats but actually prefer attention from humans! I like to be silly, have fun, and lounge around next to my people. Please come by and meet me soon so that we can find out if I can be your teddy bear!"
"Hi, I’m Desiree! Okay, so I know I have an annoyed expression, but I’m only making that face because I don’t enjoy having a camera in my face. I am a shy gal, so be sure to go slow with me. I would love to have a calm home where I can relax with a nice human. Please give me a chance to be yours!"
"Hi, I’m Navy! I’m a playful gal who loves to have a jolly good time! My zippy personality will fit in perfectly with someone with an active lifestyle! I will be sure to bring lots of cheer and joy to any home. I would like to meet any possible fur-siblings to see how well we get along. If you’re looking for a fun sidekick, then please give me a chance to fill that position!"
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"Hello! I am Ada! I am currently searching for the perfect home where I can chill out and enjoy chin rubs from my human. Come on over to ADL to get to know sweet me!"

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