20 Adoptable Animals Looking For a Loving Home in San Antonio 

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Over at the Animal Defense League, there are plenty of animals that just want some loving. Stop by and choose which you want to make a new member of the family.
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"Hi, I’m Mulan! I was not in the best shape when I first came to ADL. I had severe conjunctivitis so my eyes were very watery and red. I had to spend a few months in the hospital here to recover. Thanks to the nice people here, I am feeling so much better now! I’m a sweet girl who enjoys head rubs and being pet. I would like to put the past behind me and find a home where I can be loved forever. Will you give me a chance?"
"Hi, I’m Blitz! I’m bonded with my sister Blair. We’re attached at the hip! We like to snuggle and sleep next to each other all the time. We’re usually always hanging out by each other because we can’t imagine life without one another. We’ve been diagnosed with the same condition which is called stomatitis, it’s an extreme inflammation of the tissue in the oral cavity. It’s the reason we’re both toothless and why my tongue hangs out a lot more than my sister. You may notice she has bigger paws than me because she’s a polydactyl which means she has extra toes. We are looking for a home where we can stay together because we really miss each other when we’re separated. We know there is someone special out there for both of us who will understand our medical needs. We would really love to find that person soon! If you think you can be the one for us, you should pay us a visit and see how wonderful we are. We can’t wait to meet you!"
"I am a little guy who is proud of myself and proud of my terrific photo. I haven’t had a great life in the past, and that has left me with some skin issues and a tendency to have a bit of the shakes. My skin will get better but maybe not the other thing. I don’t think it will interfere a bit with our life together, and I know I am deserving of a much better one than I have had in the past."
"(Sniff sniff) Hmm, I smell something that needs exploring. How about a little walk? That’s two things I do very well – walking and sniffing. The perfect combination of things to do on a nice day. The only thing that would make it better is some holding time by my favorite human. Romping with a dog pal would be nice too."
"Hi, I’m Casper the friendly cat! I’m very affectionate and love cuddling up to new friends. I’m pretty active too and love a good climbing tree. But what do I really love? Treats! But what I would love even more is a forever home with you!"
"Hello, everybody, the name is Puma. I am a rather timid shy girl at first so please go slow with me. Please have a bit of patience with me, it will take a bit of time, but you will see that I will get comfortable and spend loads of time with you. I will be very grateful and appreciate the time you spend with me to help me socialize! I hope to find my forever home soon and I hope it’s with you."
"Hello! I’m a very happy-g-lucky kind of guy that loves meeting new people and exploring the great outdoors! I’m still a rather young buck with lots and lots of energy, so I’ll need an adventure partner that would love to take me out to explore. If you have any felines at home, I know we can be friends, I’m just a little scared of them at first. All I need is time. Well, what are you waiting for let’s go explore!"
"Hi, I’m Colt! I’m a bashful boy with cute scraggly Benji-like hair. I’m currently looking for a special person who’ll understand that I’m a bit of a nervous guy. However, I can be playful and enjoy having fun! You’ll just need to go slow with me when we meet. I’m trying my best to build up courage and I’m sure with the right person in a loving home, my personality will blossom! If you’re willing to give me a chance at a forever home, then please come spend some quality time with me!"
"I’m a social but mischievous little imp. Having a limp has not stopped me from being an active cat. I really love treats and when I am in the mood I love a good cuddle. I’m still very playful and would benefit from a home with lots of toys to entertain me. When I get bored I do find ways to entertain myself but sometimes that can get me in a bit of trouble. If you’re a bit impish like me than we would make the perfect pair!"
"Hello, I am Kassie! A typical day for me is lounging around relaxing. I have a strong preference for a home without other cats. I’m the type of girl who prefers to have cat beds to myself. Even though having cat friend just isn’t my thing, I still wouldn’t mind living with people. As long as they spoil me and love me forever, then I’ll be happy!"
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"Pleased to meet you. I am a calm and friendly girl who behaves well on a leash but also enjoys being held so I can look around. I love other dogs but I also like children and cats just fine! I personally believe I would be the best dog for you to adopt and promise I would fit into your family just fine! Come meet me soon, I don’t plan to be here long."
"I’m Lyric, that’s right the one and only Lyric. I am such a spontaneous gal that enjoys an open area where I can run and jump. You see that smile, that is the smile I will have once I get to meet you because I love to be with humans and become best pals!”
"Hi, I’m Cho! Look into my eyes, don’t you think they are beautiful? I hope they convince you to come meet me! I am a quiet kitty who tends to keep to myself in the cattery. I’m not a social butterfly but wish I could be! I’m just shy and will need some time to get to know new people. I hope someone will be willing to give me that chance to get to know them. Will you give me that chance?"
"Hi, I’m Keisha! I’m the master of putting on eyeliner! I also am the master of taking naps but really, what cat doesn’t? Overall I’m an easygoing kitty who loves to be petted and receive head rubs. I’m more than ready to move into a home with a nice person who’ll love me forever. Come on over and get to know me better!"
"I am a gentle giant that truly loves to spend time with every human friend that’s around me. I have gone through a lot this year. I was horribly injured before I came into ADL. I had a hole below my left eye. It was terribly difficult for me to eat food with the injury but the people at ADL helped me and now I am ready to find my forever family! I love going out for good long walks and enjoy treats so much that if I am told to sit I would do it for those yummy treats! I would love to meet you in person, just come to ADL and ask for me!"
"I follow where my nose leads me because I love smelling things. But offer me a treat and I’ll sit for it and then gobble it up, because I also love treats! Even though I was left out on the streets because I have arthritis and my owner didn’t want to deal with it, I love and trust people. Just look at my face – you can see it’s full of love. I take medicine and feel absolutely fine and frisky. We could be great friends and have a wonderful life together, so let’s get together and talk about it, OK?"
"Some of us kitties just need a little more time to adjust and I’m one of them. When I first came to ADL in February, I was so scared and always hiding. Now that I’m more familiar with this place, I’ve really started to break out of my shell. I can often be found laying in the same cat bed being my lazy self. I let people approach me and don’t run away anymore. I sometimes rub my body on people’s legs too. However, I will admit, I can be a grouch sometimes! Please don’t expect me to always be ready for petting time. I’ll let you pet me when I’m in the mood but I’ll also let you know with a swat of my paw that I’m done with receiving attention. If you’re totally fine with my occasional cattitude moments then please give me the chance to settle in a home with you!"
"Hi, I’m Socks! You can meet me in the phat camp of the cattery! I love to climb around up top and people watch. I’m a friendly gal who is looking for someone who wot’ mind me cat napping a lot. I would love to find a comfy home with someone soon! Please meet me so that we can get to know each other!"
"Hi, I’m Joel! Some of us dogs just can’t get into hanging out in our kennels because we find kennels boring! I’d much rather be outside where all the action is! Give me a chance to meet you outside and you’ll see what a happy boy I am! I walk well on a leash and will smile for you. Sometimes I’m on alert for squirrels and will scope out my surroundings. I can be charming and I love attention, especially when attention involves me receiving treats! I love treats and I learn very quickly. Once I get to know you, I might turn into a lap dog. I have to admit that I may get excitable during playtime, so it would be best that I go to a home with older children. I also get along great with dogs but I’d rather hang out with the calm ones. I’m ready to find my home soon! Please give me a chance to go on a stroll in the dog park with you!"
"Dave is the name and sit for the treat is the game. The rules are simple, you show me a treat and if I sit down then you hand me over a treat! I love the game, there’s nothing better! Hopefully, you and I can play this game and we become best pals! Better yet we become a forever family and I can have a forever home. That will be the best!"
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"Hi, I’m Mulan! I was not in the best shape when I first came to ADL. I had severe conjunctivitis so my eyes were very watery and red. I had to spend a few months in the hospital here to recover. Thanks to the nice people here, I am feeling so much better now! I’m a sweet girl who enjoys head rubs and being pet. I would like to put the past behind me and find a home where I can be loved forever. Will you give me a chance?"

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