20 Adoptable Dogs at the Animal Defense League Ready to Be Your Ride or Die 

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Dogs are man's best friend, especially when said dog is adopted from the Animal Defense League. Here are some adoptable pups that are waiting to come home with you.
OF 20
"Hi, I’m Phillip! I’m a friendly, calm, and gentle dog. I have great leash walking skills and enjoy taking strolls alongside people. Will you be one of those people I can go on a stroll with? Maybe we can become best buds!"
"The first thing you’ll notice about me when we meet would be that I very much love to play and run. You’ll be able to see me wiggling my butt with excitement because I’m out and about with some new human pals. We need to hang out and go out for long walks around the city and all the parks. We will become the best of buddies!"
"Hi there! I’m an incredibly sweet and loving girl that wants nothing more than your love. I sometimes have playful bursts of energy because I always want to have fun, especially when people are around! I also enjoy relaxing and sleeping for hours. I’m a smart gal too! I know how to sit, shake, and do so much more. When you visit me, I may be barking at you in my kennel, but please ask to take me out so you can see my true personality shine! And according to staff around here, I make the most adorable funny faces. How about you come by and I’ll show you? I’m sure I’ll make you smile!"
"Hi there! I’m Lauralai! I’m a bit of an older gal but don’t let that fool ya! I still have the energy of a young lady who enjoys playing, exploring, and going on outdoor adventures. Along with my energy, I have a lot of love to give! I’m sure that I’ll keep you smiling with my silly antics. Please give a playful doggy like me a chance to be your furry best friend!"
Little John
"Oh hello! I’m Little John! I’m like a big teddy bear. I’m always eager to get all the attention and hugs from everyone because I love people. I would love to join a nice and loving family who will enjoy having a big goofy teddy bear around their home. Do you think I would be perfect for your home? Then let’s meet!"
"Hello, I’m Diego! I’m a big happy and playful boy who’s always smiling when I see people! I love to go for walks and play with other dogs. I am ready to find my best human friend so that we can go on lots of adventures together! Will you be my best friend?"
"Hi, I’m Abby! Yes, I know I have unique and super cool eyes. Besides having cool eyes, I’m also an incredibly friendly and playful gal! I’m searching for a person who’ll enjoy having fun me around. Would you like to be my friend? Please, say yes! Come see my personality sparkle and shine in person!"
"Would you like to meet a young man who would really like to meet you? No matter who or what you are, I will like you since being friendly is my trademark. I say who or what because I like children and also most dogs I meet, so a big and varied family would be fine with me. I am cool with being cuddly, but I love to chase balls and would be a great walking partner. What are you waiting for?"
"I may not be a youngster, but you wouldn’t know by the way I act. Get me some root touch-up for the gray around my muzzle and I could pass for a 2-year-old frisking around with my playmates. But I’m better-mannered than most youngsters, and I know sit-stay-paw. I get along well with most dogs, though I prefer calm canines. I may play like a youngster, but I don’t have the endurance of one! Take me home and we can have a wonderful life together."
"Hi, I’m Olive! Can you believe I’ve been at ADL for over a year? Crazy, right! I know my person is out there somewhere! Please tell me it could possibly be you! A little about me…I can be a bit shy around new people and places so I may need some time to adjust to my new home. Please don’t let that worry you because before you know it, I am as playful as can be! I love running, exploring, and enjoying my time outdoors. You might catch me rolling around in the grass with a squeaky toy in my mouth because I LOVE to play with toys! I also enjoy a good game of fetch and have impressive skills at catching tennis balls in midair. I’m very treat motivated! I’ll sit for treats and happily stare at you with puppy dog eyes as I wait for the treat. I would fit in best in a home with older considerate children and although I’d prefer to be the only furbaby, I might consider a dog-sibling too. So if you have any potential dog-siblings for me, then let’s set up a meet-and-greet! Overall, I’m a friendly and playful gal who just needs a special person who’ll love me no matter what. I may have a very serious expression when you see me at ADL but there is a silly side to me that you must see! Please give me a chance to show you how fun I can be!"
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"My ears and, uh, more personal body parts barely clear the ground, but that doesn’t make me any less of a Titan. We bassets are big dogs packed into a long, low shape and we are well-loved for it. I love walks, howling as only a basset can do, getting belly rubs and just looking around. I’m a sweet old man who has a few old-man conditions like glaucoma and arthritis, but they are under control with medicines. I would love a home where I can lounge around when I want to and get lots of love. I promise, you can pet my ears whenever you want!"
"Hello, I am Rudolph! Aren’t I a handsome boy? I’m also a nice boy but sometimes I’m a little wary around new people so please take your time with me. Before you know it, you’ll soon gain my trust and be seeing plenty of smiles from me! I enjoy the outdoors and love to go for walks. I like to sit by the side of people I know. I am looking forward to finding someone who’ll give me the chance be their best friend. Come by and meet me today!"
"It’s hot outside and my favorite thing about that is playing in water to keep cool! I LOVE water! I also really like toys and tend to wear them out fairly quickly. I’m playful, silly and cheerful! I can’t wait to find my best friend who’ll take me out on adventures, especially ones that involve me splashing around in water. Let’s meet and find out if we can be forever pals!"
"Well how do you do, I am Josie, and let me start off by saying that if you got a treat I’ll take a sit just for the said treat. Now, I got to say, I do love attention and running around outside to explore! When we meet, if you take me out to the doggie park and start handing me treats well let’s say you and I will be a match!”
"Where do I begin to explain myself? I’m a strong, active, loving dog with a kind heart who gets along with most dogs and people. I was found on a college campus, obviously a stray but soaking up all the attention I could get. A kind lady took me home and tried to find my owner but had no luck. With a house full of family and dogs, she couldn’t keep me though everyone there had fallen in love with me, so they brought me here. She left a letter all about me for the lucky family that adopts me. I hope it says good things! I have a feeling it does, because I’ve seen people cry when they read it. Take me home and you can read it too."
"Hi, I’m Joel! Some of us dogs just can’t get into hanging out in our kennels because we find kennels boring! I’d much rather be outside where all the action is! Give me a chance to meet you outside and you’ll see what a happy boy I am! I walk well on a leash and will smile for you. Sometimes I’m on alert for squirrels and will scope out my surroundings. I can be charming and I love attention, especially when attention involves me receiving treats! I love treats and I learn very quickly. Once I get to know you, I might turn into a lap dog. I have to admit that I may get excitable during playtime, so it would be best that I go to a home with older children. I also get along great with dogs but I’d rather hang out with the calm ones. I’m ready to find my home soon! Please give me a chance to go on a stroll in the dog park with you!"
"I’m a bit shy, but I think it’s just the situation, not the people. In fact, I look to humans for reassurance and feel comforted by their presence. I’m still a puppy with a lot to learn, but I walk well on the leash, and with a name like mine I must be very smart. I have a very cute curly tail and I would love to wag it at you. Please come visit, and after a little time to get used to you, I promise I will love you forever."
"Hello! I am the curious Sadie! I like to check out everything going on around me. I am gentle older lady and have excellent leash walking manners. I like to relax most of the day but just because I’m a senior doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to have fun! I love playtime and being outdoors. I like to play with toys and I really enjoy splashing around in the kiddie pool! All I want is to be around people and I would especially love to be around you. Please visit me so that I can show you how wonderful I am!"
"Hi, I’m Charles! I’ll probably try to charm you with my playful personality and my friendly attitude. I enjoy going for walks and playing with toys but I will have to take it easy due to a healing fracture in my leg. I’m a good boy who gets along with everyone including dogs too. I’d love a home where I can lounge around with my best friend. I hope you give me a chance to meet you! Maybe we can become best friends?"
"I am a pretty girl with a big smile. When I get a chance to go out, I am all about sniffing and exploring everywhere. I need to get that out of my system, then I will be ready for calmer things such as my celebrity photo shoot. I can be a little bit nervous sometimes, but other times you will hardly notice it. I would like to be the celebrity in your home!"
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"Hi, I’m Phillip! I’m a friendly, calm, and gentle dog. I have great leash walking skills and enjoy taking strolls alongside people. Will you be one of those people I can go on a stroll with? Maybe we can become best buds!"

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