20 Adoptable Dogs in San Antonio That Want to Be Your Best Friend 

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Dogs are man's best friend, especially when said dog is adopted from the Animal Defense League. Here are some adoptable pups that are waiting to come home with you.
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"It’s hard to concentrate on looking my best when there are so many things to look at – other dogs, people, interesting smells – but squeak a toy at me and here I am, looking magnificent, don’t you think? I will also sit for a treat, because who doesn’t love treats? I take them nicely because I’m a nice girl and because I like being close to people so I do my best to show that. I sure would like to go home with you, so please come by for a visit."
"Oh boy! Another human to love on! That’s my greatest joy in life. I’m not one of those crazy jumping-all-over-you dogs, but I’m very affectionate, and if you’re sitting down, I’m likely to put my paws gently in your lap and slip one up and over your arm. If you let me, I might even kiss your cheek. My second greatest joy is getting treats, so feel free to give me some when you come to visit."
"I really do have ears, but I was hot and tired when I was getting my picture taken, so you’ll just have to imagine them. I seem very mature for my young age, quiet and well behaved. I’m very sweet and just want to be your best friend. I get along well with dogs and kids, as long as they aren’t the rowdy type. I’m here waiting for the right person to come along and take me home. So here’s where I will be, any time you want to come."
"What’s black and white and adorable all over? Me, of course, from the tip of my pink tongue to the tip of my curly tail! I may be smaller than some of the dogs here, but I bet there aren’t many who have more energy than I do. I love people, but I don’t leap all over them. I just want to run and play and have fun, whether it’s with a human or a dog. I love other animals as well as humans, and I behave on the leash. Will you let me be your Ozzie and you be my Harriet, or my Harry?"
"You wouldn’t believe I’m an older gentleman when you see me trotting around, but hey, when you feel good, you show it. I’m gentle but playful. Whoever said fun was for the young didn’t know anything about age. I adore treats and will sit for them and then take them from your hand gently. You’ll notice my front legs are misshapen – they were probably injured in my youth and a bit of arthritis has set in, but medicine helps keep me frisky. I don’t worry and you shouldn’t either. Let’s just go home and have fun."
"Just look at my focus! I’m young, but I’m not some flitty young thing who can’t sit still for two seconds. I know how to sit and shake, and I know what I want. What do I want? To be with you, of course. I’m friendly and playful, ready for an active life with humans who can love me like I love them. Does that sound like you?"
"Hi, I’m the lovely Isabel! I’m a happy-go-lucky older gal! I may be an oldie but goodie but I still have some spunk for my age. I am always ready to have a good time with people and would fit in great with someone who likes to go on walks. I’m ready to spread some cheer around. If you have any potential doggy friends, I’d like to have the chance to meet them first before we become official fur-siblings. Please give a pretty girl like me a chance to have a forever home with you!"
"I am a strong boy with a lot of energy, so I am looking for an active family who loves to exercise and play. I was advertising these desires to the people taking my photo by playing tug of war with them with my leash. I happen to think that life is for being happy and enjoying every day. Do you agree? Then adopting me will add to your joy as I share every day with you."
"I am one big bundle of love. And I do mean big. I’m like a giant baby that wants nothing more than to get lots of attention. Rumor has it that when I don’t get that attention, I make velociraptor sounds, but they really aren’t very scary. How could they be, coming from this baby face? If you want to be loved like you’ve never been loved before, come see me."
"Hi, I’m Walker! I’m told my name fits me perfectly cause boy do I LOVE to go on walks and not just play in a backyard type of deal. Actually, leash me up and let’s go explore! I’m a charming boy who enjoys a good chest and neck scratch. I would love to get to know you! How about you meet me at the Paul Jolly and ask the staff to take me out for a walk? I would LOVE that!"
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"Despite my size, I’m full of enthusiasm. The only problem is that my enthusiasm also involves food, which has led to a slight (OK, more than slight) problem of overweight. That means as much as I love to play, my weight interferes with my ability to do it as much as I would like to. The solution? I’m on a diet. That’s not a lot of fun, but they tell me that if I’m a good boy and stick to it, I will be able to frolic like I did when I was a slim, trim jock of a dog. Wouldn’t you love to help a sweet, chubby guy get back down to his best weight? I will love you forever!"
"I’m not just named after the comic book, I’m a lot like the “real” Jughead. Despite my perky look, I love being lazy, just like Jughead. I do like walks, and if you entice me enough, I enjoy being active and playing with my family. One thing I do not like is cats, so don’t even think about that. I’m pretty picky about my dog friends, so if you like me and already have a dog, I’d advise bringing him by for a visit to see if I approve. I adore people and being around them, and if you take me home, we will be BFFs, I just know it."
"Hi, I’m Olive! Can you believe I’ve been at ADL for over a year? Crazy, right! I know my person is out there somewhere! Please tell me it could possibly be you! A little about me…I can be a bit shy around new people and places so I may need some time to adjust to my new home. Please don’t let that worry you because before you know it, I am as playful as can be! I love running, exploring, and enjoying my time outdoors. You might catch me rolling around in the grass with a squeaky toy in my mouth because I LOVE to play with toys! I also enjoy a good game of fetch and have impressive skills at catching tennis balls in midair. I’m very treat motivated! I’ll sit for treats and happily stare at you with puppy dog eyes as I wait for the treat. I would fit in best in a home with older considerate children and although I’d prefer to be the only furbaby, I might consider a dog-sibling too. So if you have any potential dog-siblings for me, then let’s set up a meet-and-greet! Overall, I’m a friendly and playful gal who just needs a special person who’ll love me no matter what. I may have a very serious expression when you see me at ADL but there is a silly side to me that you must see! Please give me a chance to show you how fun I can be!"
"You’ve heard the term “gentle giant.” That’s me. I’m a large gal, but I’m calm, loving, and look at me smile! I’m mostly American bulldog, which is nothing like what you picture when you think of a bulldog. I do great on the leash, and I sit for treats. I love being around people, and I’ll be glad to show you when you come for a visit."
"Hi, I’m Gracie! I’m a very sweet and loving girl. All I want is a fur-ever home. I can be a mellow, laid-back type of girl. I am very smart and love getting treats! I know sit and with more training, I’m sure I can learn lots more. If you would like to get to know me, then visit me at the Paul Jolly Center for Pet Adoptions!"
"I am a big goofy guy that’s packed full of energy. I tend to get a bit rambunctious and nosey when I’m out for a walk. I can’t help it, I’m just always so curious of everything around me. I’m very friendly around all people but not so much towards cats. I prefer to not be around cats. I enjoy being in the company of humans, it makes me so happy! I’m always excited when I see people; I’m always hoping that someone will take me home. I really want a forever home where I can be active and loved. Maybe you can provide that home for me?"
"Hello, I am Rudolph! Aren’t I a handsome boy? I’m also a nice boy but sometimes I’m a little wary around new people so please take your time with me. Before you know it, you’ll soon gain my trust and be seeing plenty of smiles from me! I enjoy the outdoors and love to go for walks. I like to sit by the side of people I know. I am looking forward to finding someone who’ll give me the chance be their best friend. Come by and meet me today!"
"Where do I begin to explain myself? I’m a strong, active, loving dog with a kind heart who gets along with most dogs and people. I was found on a college campus, obviously a stray but soaking up all the attention I could get. A kind lady took me home and tried to find my owner but had no luck. With a house full of family and dogs, she couldn’t keep me though everyone there had fallen in love with me, so they brought me here. She left a letter all about me for the lucky family that adopts me. I hope it says good things! I have a feeling it does, because I’ve seen people cry when they read it. Take me home and you can read it too."
"Hi! I am a wiggly happy boy who loves all the attention! I get very entertained and distracted by shoelaces and any type of lace I see, they look very fun to play with! Although I am a very energetic boy that loves to have fun with my human pals, I need a cozy home where I can take it easy for a while because I’m healing from an injury on my left leg. Let’s meet, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with me!"
"Hello! I am the curious Sadie! I like to check out everything going on around me. I am gentle older lady and have excellent leash walking manners. I like to relax most of the day but just because I’m a senior doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to have fun! I love playtime and being outdoors. I like to play with toys and I really enjoy splashing around in the kiddie pool! All I want is to be around people and I would especially love to be around you. Please visit me so that I can show you how wonderful I am!"
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"It’s hard to concentrate on looking my best when there are so many things to look at – other dogs, people, interesting smells – but squeak a toy at me and here I am, looking magnificent, don’t you think? I will also sit for a treat, because who doesn’t love treats? I take them nicely because I’m a nice girl and because I like being close to people so I do my best to show that. I sure would like to go home with you, so please come by for a visit."

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