20 Adoptable Dogs in San Antonio Who Want a Second Chance 

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Looking to adopt a pet? Go with a cute pup. After all, it is the Year of the Dog! Stop by the Animal Defense League of Texas and claim your next family member.
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"Hi, I’m Dexter! You want to play?! I usually wiggle and smile when I see people. That’s why I’m smiling in my photos! I was happy to have my photo taken and be around people. Come by and see how excited I get when you meet me! I’ll be ready to greet you with a smile!"
"Hello all, my name is Helga. I have difficulty walking so most of the time I’d rather just be relaxing indoors enjoying the warmth of the room. However, I do enjoy going out for a walk, but please take it slow with me. I like to take my time and enjoy the breeze. Come to ADL so we can spend time together!"
"Not only am I a pretty lady, but I’m also a cuddle bug! I enjoy cuddling, leaning up against legs, and going for walks. I LOVE treats and I know how to sit for them too! I can be a tiny bit shy at first when meeting new people but I’m a sweet lady who will be sweet towards everyone I meet. I know that I’ll make a wonderful furbaby to a loving family, I just wish I could find that family soon!"
"Hi, I’m Gregory! I am a ball of fun! I love to play with every dog I meet and I smile for everyone. I will smother you in kisses and cuddles. It is recommended that I go to a home with no children. I love the attention! Please meet me and let’s go for a walk."
"Hello hello, Maui is my name, and I got to say it is great that you’re reading about me. I am as friendly as can be and as welcoming as can be! I love hugs but then again who doesn’t love snuggly hugs. It will be the best time ever to have you come over so we can meet and get to know each other!"
"Some of us just need someone to let us know that everything will be okay. I’m one of those dogs. I’m a shy girl and I’m especially camera shy. I’m hoping that I can find someone who will be willing to let me warm up to them and be their buddy. Is their room in your heart for a shy sweet dog like me? I hope so! Please give me a chance to be your friend."
"I could just as easily be named Mellow as Mellie. Yes, I am Mellow Mellie, an adorable chiweenie who would love nothing better than to snuggle into some warm blankets at your house and love you forever. I’m 8 years old, which isn’t as old as my face looks – that’s just my coloring, which in the dachshund world is known as dapple. That means kind of a white or light tan background with brown speckles. I’m a laid-back girl who is good on the leash, but I can be a bit of a scamp, too. My shirt says “I ate Santa’s cookies” – and I bet I would!"
"I’m kind of a gentle giant. I’m not a giant like a mastiff – I just weigh in the 60s. And I’m not totally gentle – I have lots of energy and can be pretty frisky, but I love giving kisses and smiles. But that’s the vibe I give when you see this big body and sweet demeanor. I pull on the leash a bit when I’m excited but usually I’m good on walks. I sit for a treat, and man, do I love treats! Toys are high on the list too. You can’t help falling in love with me when you meet me. At least I hope you can’t, because I really, really want a forever home. Please?"
"Hi, I’m Bruiser! I enjoy going for walks and exploring the outdoors. I’ve recently learned that I also enjoy riding in cars too. I’ve been told that I’m sweet, and I’m sure you’ll agree after you meet me. I’m the type of dog that’ll lean on you and give you kisses on your cheek!"
"Hi! I am originally from Houston, TX but because of Hurricane Harvey I was brought down to this great city. I am ready to find my forever home! I’m a cute little girl who loves to go for walks. I love people so so much and I feel much more comfortable with kids than other animals. Please take me home and spoil me you will not regret it!"
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"I’m a very active boy and you won’t see me stay still for long. I like playing, and I enjoy dogs and kids over 12. I do have a problem with a disc in my back and that means I shouldn’t play rough or jump from high surfaces. But so far I haven’t had any trouble, and I plan to keep it that way. I would love to go home with you and be spoiled and loved."
"Everyone at ADL keeps saying I’m friendly which makes me smile so so much my tail just wags like crazy when I get called adorable and cute! It’s such a great fuzzy feeling. I have an idea, how about we meet and enjoy a nice long walk. I would love to have a forever family to give me these compliments!"
"I enjoy good long walks, I keep getting told that I’m a very calm good dog which makes me just so so happy! I do rather be just you and I, other dogs make me a little uncomfortable and would much rather enjoy my time alone with you! Come down to ADL so we can get to know each other!"
"I may not be a famous chemist who devised the periodic table but I’m pretty special. I’m a Hurricane Harvey dog. That means that the Animal Defense League traveled to the shelter I was in looking for a home before the storm and brought me back to find a home in San Antonio. I’ve got to say I feel like an SA dog and now I just need my forever home to come find me!"
"I’m named after a Greek Titan who stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind. All I’m trying to give mankind is my love and adoration. I may steal your heart but take a look at this face and tell me it’s not worth the risk? Be a risk taker and come adopt me today, I dare you!"
"Can you see me or am I hiding well in the bushes? No, I’m not in the least bit shy – I like to play, and I’m playing hide and seek! It’s OK if I’m not very good at it, because I’d rather be kissing you and cuddling with you than being alone behind a plant anyway. I love to play, but I love to love even more. My tail goes nonstop when I’m around people. I also think toys are great, and treats – yum! The best thing ever though would be a forever home, where I could get all those things."
"Wouldn’t you love to be the envy of your neighborhood by owning a blue dog? That’s me! Yes, I am blue! I know, I look gray, but in technical terms I am a blue brindle. And if you know anything about dogs, you know brindles are the best. At least some people say so. At any rate, I am stunningly handsome and quite the athlete. If you enjoy running, or keeping active in any way, we would best buds. I’m very social too – no shyness here. So come on over and let’s go for a little run and see how we get along."
"I don’t want to hear no Lip about it, but I’m the best dog here! I’m one cool dude. Before I came to the Animal Defense League I injured my leg and I have a fracture that is healing well. I’ve got a lot to offer someone so you should come get me today before someone else does."
"When you come to my kennel, I’ll happily run to the door and greet you with wags and enthusiasm, overflowing with happiness and friendliness. But when staff takes me out to meet you, you’ll hardly recognize the shy, reluctant dog at the end of the leash. I don’t remember what happened before I came here, but I’m just so scared that it takes a long time for me to trust people. I don’t have an ounce of meanness in me – I just need someone with patience to wait for me to be ready to share my love. When that time comes, I enjoy cuddling and I’m as sweet as can be. If you have the time, the rewards are great – I promise!"
"A born leader I set the standard for American Stafford Terriers. I’m fun, friendly and well-behaved. I even sit for treats and I love attention. The only invading being done around here is me into your heart and I won’t surrender until you come get me!"
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"Hi, I’m Dexter! You want to play?! I usually wiggle and smile when I see people. That’s why I’m smiling in my photos! I was happy to have my photo taken and be around people. Come by and see how excited I get when you meet me! I’ll be ready to greet you with a smile!"

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