20 Adorable Animals You Can Adopt in San Antonio Right Now 

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At the Animal Defense League, there are plenty of adoptable dogs and cats that just want someone to love them. Stop by and choose which adorable, furry friend you want to make a new member of the family.
OF 20
"Hi, I’m Adam! I’m a jolly young man that loves to play! I am energetic and always cheerful to meet new people. You may notice, that I’m also a tripod, I unfortunately lost my leg when I was a young puppy, and I’ve learned to adjust to having three legs since then. If you’re looking for a fun furry friend, then let’s meet!"
"Hi, I’m Luna! Can I have a treat? Or maybe two treats or how about five? I am super sweet, so don’t let my adorable eyes trick you into giving me tons of treats. I’m currently on a weight loss journey to get to a healthy weight and will need some help from some friends to complete that journey. Overall, I am a loving gal who enjoys back scratches and hanging out with people! Come by and meet me soon please!"
"I look like a kitten but I’m grown boy. My funny little ear doesn’t cause me any pain and I think it gives me a unique look. Don’t you agree? I am not the most outgoing of cats but I am not necessarily shy, either. I guess you could say a little in the middle. I won’t run up to you when we first meet but if you approached me I won’t run away. You should come approach me today!"
Little Mama
"I’m a quiet, reserved calico who is still getting used to being in the Cattery. I don’t mind being petted and like most cats I love to take naps. I hope I get to take a nap in your lap soon!"
"Howdy! I’m a very energetic girl who loves walks on the beach and attention. I love to smell everything on sight because I’m a very curious pup. If you think you’re the one for me, then why wait any longer, come meet me ASAP!"
"Hi, I’m Charlie! I’m pretty right? I’m pretty on the inside too but you’ll need to give me some time to show you. I have to admit…I do better with the ladies than men, and older kiddos would be best for me. Someone spent a lot of time teaching me tricks during the time I had spent time in a home…adjusting to life in the shelter has made me a bit nervous. Come by and meet me and let’s see how things go!"
"Hello, I’m pretty girl who is also a little timid and overwhelmed right now. I’m new to the Cattery so I still trying to get my bearings and become more confident. If you think that you can help me out with that please stop by and visit me today!"
"Hello there! I am Mr. Lasagna! I am a curious and lovable boy. It’s hard to believe I was once living on the streets. Now I’m here at ADL, and I’m more than ready to find a loving home where I will be cherished forever. Come by and meet me soon and you’ll see how wonderful I am!"
"What could possibly be more fun than squeaky toys and rolling around in the grass? Getting lots of love from a human, of course! I adore people, and they seem to think I’m pretty cool too. I’m very friendly, and I have a cute habit of rolling over and asking for a belly rub. It’s irresistible. Any image of me looking distinguished vanishes when I do that, but I don’t care. What I do care about is finding a home. I bet if I show you my belly rub trick, I’ll be yours in no time."
"Look at me, look at me! I am the doggo with the best wiggle with the best smile and with the best eyes. I’d just like to say that if we meet and I get a belly rub from you then I’ll go crazy in love with you and would want to give you a loving hug. I love treats but let’s be honest, who doesn’t love treats, but seriously give me treats though and my hugs will be endless. I love to be out and about so let’s meet!"
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"Hi, I’m Dwight! I was found by a nice person and now I’m here to find my forever home. I am shy but that’s only because everything around me is so new to me. Will you give me a chance to be your friend?"
"I’m a social but mischievous little imp. Having a limp has not stopped me from being an active cat. I really love treats and when I am in the mood I love a good cuddle. I’m still very playful and would benefit from a home with lots of toys to entertain me. When I get bored I do find ways to entertain myself but sometimes that can get me in a bit of trouble. If you’re a bit impish like me than we would make the perfect pair!"
"Hi there, my name is Nix! I hope you’ll come by and meet me soon because I love to meet new people! I do enjoy a tasty meaty dog treat and going for walks. Everyone says that I am a sweet girl and I hope you’ll think so too."
"Hi, I’m Tala! I’m a chunky yet funky girl who is looking for my forever home. I am very energetic and love to play fetch! I walk very well on a leash, so walks are a breeze for me. Come visit me and let’s go for a walk!"
"Hi, I’m Pudge! I’m a sweet tabby kitty but a bit bashful right now. It must be because I’d much rather be in a loving and calm home with a nice friend who’ll be gentle with me. I’m really looking forward to finding that home soon where I can finally relax."
"I’m pretty irresistible with my gorgeous eyes and white fur. Just as a caution, please go slow with me. This is not because I’m shy, far from it, but because I get a little overstimulated when I get petted. Slow, relaxing strokes works the best. Anything else gets me all jazzed up. I’m sure once we meet we can figure each other out quickly so you should stop by today!"
"Hi, I’m Walker! I’m told my name fits me perfectly cause boy do I LOVE to go on walks and not just play in a backyard type of deal. Actually, leash me up and let’s go explore! I’m a charming boy who enjoys a good chest and neck scratch. I would love to get to know you! How about you meet me at the Paul Jolly and ask the staff to take me out for a walk? I would LOVE that!"
"Guten tag! My name is Germany! I am a very sweet and playful young man. I’m an active guy too! I believe I would make a fantastic running buddy! I enjoy going out on adventures and daily walks. I hope my next adventure can be with you!"
Draco Meowfoy
"I’m not a misunderstood bad boy. I’m just a shy boy who is slowly gaining confidence in my surroundings. I’m a talker so I’ll let you know when I’m up to be petted or if it is “me time” and it’s best if I’m left alone. Come visit me today so you can see that I am no bad guy."
"I’m a dainty girl who could be thought of as a fluffy cloud but I do have some “thunderstorm” in me. I’m a little shy so I do not like when someone rushes up to me. Please take your time with me and I promise that it is worth it! I can be very sweet and loving if you give the chance to relax. That chance could be in your home if you want!"
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"Hi, I’m Adam! I’m a jolly young man that loves to play! I am energetic and always cheerful to meet new people. You may notice, that I’m also a tripod, I unfortunately lost my leg when I was a young puppy, and I’ve learned to adjust to having three legs since then. If you’re looking for a fun furry friend, then let’s meet!"

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